Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's almost Christmas!

Here are my newest reviews:

Hazardous Duty

The Pew

The United States of Arugula

I'm about halfway through my RT books for March (due at the beginning of January) and still getting ready for Christmas. I'm way behind this year, I can' t believe how much stuff I've left until the last minute.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And some more

How My Breasts Saved the World

Dial L for Loser

A couple more coming this week. I decided to start earlier on my RT books so I didn't get caught so behind this month.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Latest Reviews and 2007

I have been so lax here in the last quarter of the year with blogging, and even with reading. I've slowed way down and I'm not sure exactly why it's happening.
Here are my latest reviews:

A Full House of Growing Pains


The Man with the Iron Tattoo

C'est la Vie

I have decided to do a TBR challenge for 2007 and make a point to read at least two books from my tbr shelves each month of the year. I want to read at least one book from each author's last name, and since I'm missing a couple, that should be just about right to reach my goal. So January will be my "A" and "B" author months...the books I plan to read are:

The Bridesmaid by Hailey Abbott and
Riggs Park by Ellyn Bache

I just picked the first book from the A's and the first book from the B's. My RT schedule for December is brutal, so hopefully it will calm a little in January so I can fit this in.