Friday, September 30, 2005

The Last Day of September

It was Johnny Appleseed Day at kindergarten today. We made applesauce and did lots of other great apple things. The kids had a blast, and I couldn't believe it but Grace actually ate her applesauce and asked for seconds! She normally hates it.

Logan is having a friend spend the night tonight. We'll see how it goes...this is the first non-relative we've had to spend the night. We're also going to an adoption party for our friends whose adoption was final today. It's so wonderful, they only thought they were going to have her for a month of receiving foster care, and now almost two years later she's their child!

Really rainy here today. First real rain we've had in a couple of months. It's kind of nice, the kids won't be begging to go outside and ride bikes every second. When I have a ton of things to do inside, it's frustrating for me to have to go out and supervise.

I was so productive today, I vacuumed the whole upstairs and swept and mopped all of the hardwood floors. With the hundreds of grapes from my in-laws' garden my kids have been eating (and dropping, and squishing all over the floor and garage floor) it was one huge sticky mess. I was grossed out walking in my bare feet across it. It is SO much better now!

I've got to go read. I have an hour until I need to leave to pick up Logan and friend, I need to sit and make some headway in my book. Four more after this one before Sunday night, ugh!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Only Thursday!

I can't believe it's only Thursday. Actually, I'm pretty glad, since I'm not very far through my RT books. So that's one good thing. Otherwise, the week seems to be dragging.

I cannot believe how into the show Lost I am! I haven't been this obsessed with a TV show in years. Part of the excitement is that it's such an intriguing mystery to try to figure out what's going on and I can't peek ahead to the end and see how it's going to turn out.

I've been filling out my invitations for a Tastefully Simple party that I'm having Oct. 14. I'm excited, this is the first home party I've had in a couple of years, for a company that hasn't been overplayed in my circle of friends and relatives. I dont' think I could have a Pampered Chef party again, there's just not enough people who havent' been to hundreds of them. At least with TS most of the products are inexpensive and people can buy things at the party rather than having to wait for them.

Gotta go get the kids out of the shower so we can read some books and get into bed before Survivor starts. I've got to get my book out to read on the commercials.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just a couple of minutes...

I have just a couple of minutes before I have to go pick up Logan. I have had another day of feeling like I was walking through sticky mud. My internet wasn't even working this morning, so I can't even blame it on that wasting my time. Just taking forever to get places and then even longer to get things done.

Still reading my RT books. I finished the long one today, now I'm onto the shorter series ones. I am going to really try to plow through a couple each day so I can get all of my reviews done before the weekend (yeah, right)

New review posted:
Marley & Me If you have any interest in stories involving dogs, this is the true story of "the world's worst dog" It is wonderful and I rank it as one of my favorite reads this year so far.

Ok, off to get Logan!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekends Fly By!

It seems like all I do is blink and the weekend is over.

Friday night went out with Jenny and Angie to see Just Like Heaven--great movie, total chick flick, but I do think some guys will like it. Saturday we went out to lunch at Beaches in Vancouver...yum! We all really enjoyed it, but were in a bit of a rush since we had to get to The Lion King. Incredible performance, but a little too long for the kids.
Sunday went to church, grocery store, baby shower, then out to dinner to celebrate the in-laws' anniversary and birthdays. Got to watch all of my Sunday shows last night, that was great! I had really missed them.

Today I worked in Logan's class. It's always nice when the wild kid isn't there, which he hasn't been for a couple of days. I'm taking Grace to a dr. appt this afternoon. Tomorrow I have a free morning, thank goodness. I worked some on my Bible study on Friday, but I need to do more tomorrow.

I'm currently working on my December RT books--right now I'm reading Lilac Spring by Ruth Axtell Morren. I had to set aside Saturday Morning by Lauraine Snelling because I have a deadline of next Monday. Still listening to Vanish, but I'm almost finished.

I'd better go do some cleaning before Grace's appointment, then I can read...also have three reviews to write up.

Friday, September 23, 2005

My Brain is Fried!

I can't believe it, but I forgot to take Logan to his eye appointment yesterday afternoon. I am so lame! I guess I can only blame my fried brain. Too many appointments and things to keep straight and even though I reminded my husband at lunch I still forgot. Rescheduled it, now hopefully I won't forget again.

Tonight we're having a girls night, going out for dinner and then to see Just Like Heaven. I cant' wait, I really hope the movie lives up to my expectations. I totally adored the book it is based on (If Only It Were True by Marc Levy) and have been excited to see it for so long.

New review posted:
Confessions of a Nervous Shiksa

I'm now reading The Judge Who Stole Christmas by Randy Singer, should be a quick read. I'm off to clean and then go to the grocery store.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sigh, Gotta love Starbucks!

I finally had a nice, relaxing morning in Starbucks today. It was definitely needed. I know I had a ton of things to do around the house, but "me" time was crucial. I got a lot of my latest book read--The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Tough I'm finally to the review book! It's an interesting series, a lot deeper than I had originally thought when I read the first one.

Grandparents day today at school, wow that was crazy. Grace had nana and papa in the morning and Logan had them in the afternoon.

Lost was definitely awesome last night. Wow, lots of "meat" for the first show of the season, I am glad they didn't just give us fluffy filler. The new show Invasion wasn't too bad. I'm reserving judgment for awhile until I figure out what's going on. But it seems good and creepy though.

Gotta go work on the laundry, my leisure time is over.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Made it over the hump (day)

Well, not quite, but I'm working on it.

Kids are grounded, which should make for interesting afternoons the next couple of weeks. It's gorgeous outside, so it will truly be punishment that they can't ride bikes after school. Maybe at least it's a reprieve from Grace's whining to have a friend over or go over to a friend's house.

Tonight I'm staying home to read. I am not going near the computer, I will just curl up and finish my book. In fact, after I figure out what we're having for dinner, I'm going to read this afternoon too if I can get Grace busy doing something. Lost starts tonight, yippee!! I am so excited!

The Big Brother finale was so anti-climactic. I didn't much care who won, because I really wanted Janelle to win. I loved Howie's comment about having to vote between America's two least favorites (or something like that)

I'm off to figure out dinner and finish my book. I've got to get moving on my pile. More books arrive each day, and I would have to read 2-3 books a day just to catch up, much less keep up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Frustrating Day

I feel like I am just constantly spinning my wheels. Today has just been a long series of frustrations, but I am not sure why.

Went to the beach this past weekend. It was a nice time, especially on Saturday. Took a boat trip in the bay/ocean and got to see a grey whale fairly close. Great experience. Didn't much care for the beach house clean up day, but that's life I guess.

I am so behind on my reading. I try to read as much as I can but I dont' know why I'm so slow. Part is because I have so many other things on my plate. I need to get into a routine, I know. Today, for example, I wasted a half hour because the kids weren't where they said they were going to be, and I had to search all over the neighborhood for them. Needless to say they are now both grounded.

LeeRoy had a meeting tonight, so I had to take Logan to gymnastics. Not horrible, but one more thing to have to go to and do. Hopefully when I am finished with all of these appointments (I had an eye appt this morning, Logan has one on Thurs, Grace has a Dr appt on Monday, and then nothing until I have a Dr. appt late next month) things will start to get a little more routine. I even had Grace go to day care yesterday so I could work on my Bible study, but I still felt like I was walking through mud trying to get anything done.

I'm reading The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real by Neta Jackson. The last one before the review copy. I have got to get moving. It's time for the RT books again, sigh. At least I can wait until Sunday to start those.

We're going to see The Lion King in Portland on Saturday. It should be fun, I hope the kids are old enough for it. Oh well if they're not!

Gotta go get the kids out of the shower so I can watch the Big Brother finale in a bit!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Finally a breather!

I have a little free time this morning (what's that?) LOL! Took the dog to the vet after I dropped the kids at school, I have to leave in a minute to go to the post office and the library, so I don't have a lot of time, but it's something.

Bible study went well yesterday. I covered everything I had planned to. Now to work some more on next week! I may take advantage of day care for Grace on Monday so I can get a little quiet time to work on it. We're going to the beach this weekend, so I won't be doing anything there.

First AWANA last night, LeeRoy stayed home to paint and I went grocery shopping, It only took 10 minutes, and if I would have taken the kids it would have taken at least 30, so I got a lot accomplished.

These are the weeks of appointments. Yesterday Logan had his last dentist appt. Today Grace goes to the eye dr. Tomorrow she goes to the dentist. Whew! Once we make it through all of the appointments things will get a little calmer too.

Ok, gotta go get my paperback swap packages ready so I can drop them by the post office.

I'm still reading the same books, I haven't had much reading time but I need to step it up a little.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday happenings

I think I'm finally getting with the swing of things, but I'm realizing that, even with both kids in school all morning, I have less free time than I had last year. If I have to listen to Grace complain any more about being bored and not having anything to do I think I'll go crazy. Tomorrow she's got a friend coming over, that should be nice.

I'm pretty much ready for my Bible study tomorrow. I have the class outline typed up and my notes typed up for at least tomorrow's lesson. Probably more than that since we have a lot of housekeeping things that will most likely be going on.

Currently reading The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down by Neta Jackson. I have the fourth book in the series to review and I've only read the first one, so I'm doing a quick catch-up. Because, wouldn't you know, I have the middle two on my tbr piles!

I need to get busy cleaning the kitchen and making more appointments. Like always, it never ends!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Quick weekend!

It seems like this weekend has just flown by!

Spent the rainy day yesterday sitting around watching episodes of Lost. We haven't made it all the way through, maybe about halfway. I think we'll watch Crash tonight though (in recognition of it being September 11) Maybe we'll watch another episode or two tomorrow night. We have until the 21st to make it through all of them!

Today we had our church picnic/service outside at the fairgrounds. It was quite chilly but it didn't rain. It started clearing off and now it's really sunny. Worked for a long time this afternoon typing up the outline for my Hebrews Bible study. Got the student lesson plans done and my teaching plans typed up through this week at least.

A couple new reviews posted:
Hot Fudge Sundae Blues
The Stranger House

I'm currently reading (gasp!) a library book: The Bitch Posse by Martha O'Connor. My first non-review book in a long, long time! It's kind of depressing, about three friends and it moves back and forth between the present day and their senior year in high school where they were pretty messed up, and a lot of that continues to the present. I'm not sure whether or not I'm actually enjoying it, but it is interesting.

Gotta go get the kids inside for a shower. Can't believe it's time for school again already!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Well, made it through the week! Had my mom's group presentation on hospitality today, I think it went all right. I have been starting to feel more and more left out of groups like that, and I am not sure why. Maybe it's time for me to move on and find something else...not sure. Something definitely to pray about. Going to bunco tonight, we'll see how that goes.

Watched the new Fox show Reunion last night. It was pretty good, I was pleasantly surprised. Kimber called about 5 minutes before the end, so I missed that part. It's on again tonight so I'm going to record it. I am very excited for the new fall season of shows to start. Survivor starts this week! I got my Season One of Lost on DVD today. We're planning to do a big marathon watching it this weekend :) It doesn't start for another week, so we'll be able to spread it out if we need to.

Kids have candy bar sales for school, ugh. Fortunately Logan's friend Eric's older sister is taking the three younger kids out selling right now. I just hate doing that.

Well, gotta go get ready for the evening.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Forgot to mention

What I was reading! I'm reading Confessions of a Nervous Shiksa by Tracy McArdle and listening to Vanish by Tess Gerritsen. I am way, way overloaded!

Have a little more time now

I am sorry, but I had to add word verification for my comments. I was getting so tired of the spammers I had to do it. Please continue to comment!

I am so excited about Kimber's school. It seems like such a great place. I hope she's happy there. It's so hard to go away from everything you know and hold dear...but it's all a part of life and growing up. College for me was a weird experience. In some ways good and in other ways not so good...but it did help me to mature and develop more of a sense of myself rather than just a robot.

I have some new reviews posted:
Necklace of Kisses

I am now ready for my Mom's group presentation on hospitality tomorrow. Then I am going to play bunco tomorrow night. This weekend I've got to work some more typing up my Bible study. I'm all prepared, just need to type up the student notes.

It's great being back into the swing of regular activities, but it seems like they all hit at one time. I am not going to start volunteering at the school until Monday because I've still got a ton of prep to do. Kids started gymnastics this week and it went really well. They are both SO tired, and it's only Thursday (and there was no school on Monday!) Grace is just fit to be tied, she's so tired and worn out from school. Plus today she went home with a friend and played. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from school. Hopefully this weekend she'll get caught up on her sleep a little bit and she'll be back to normal (or closer anyway!)

Well, gotta go get the kids inside, they are out riding bikes and they've got to get ready for bed.

Very quick update

I have a lot to update, but this week is crazy. I am teaching a class for our moms' group on hospitality tomorrow and I'm not really ready. So I have to do that before anything else. Fortunately Grace is going home with a friend so I have the ENTIRE day!

Got Kimber off to school, kids are doing well in their school. Will update more in a day or two.