Thursday, September 08, 2005

Have a little more time now

I am sorry, but I had to add word verification for my comments. I was getting so tired of the spammers I had to do it. Please continue to comment!

I am so excited about Kimber's school. It seems like such a great place. I hope she's happy there. It's so hard to go away from everything you know and hold dear...but it's all a part of life and growing up. College for me was a weird experience. In some ways good and in other ways not so good...but it did help me to mature and develop more of a sense of myself rather than just a robot.

I have some new reviews posted:
Necklace of Kisses

I am now ready for my Mom's group presentation on hospitality tomorrow. Then I am going to play bunco tomorrow night. This weekend I've got to work some more typing up my Bible study. I'm all prepared, just need to type up the student notes.

It's great being back into the swing of regular activities, but it seems like they all hit at one time. I am not going to start volunteering at the school until Monday because I've still got a ton of prep to do. Kids started gymnastics this week and it went really well. They are both SO tired, and it's only Thursday (and there was no school on Monday!) Grace is just fit to be tied, she's so tired and worn out from school. Plus today she went home with a friend and played. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from school. Hopefully this weekend she'll get caught up on her sleep a little bit and she'll be back to normal (or closer anyway!)

Well, gotta go get the kids inside, they are out riding bikes and they've got to get ready for bed.

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