Friday, September 30, 2005

The Last Day of September

It was Johnny Appleseed Day at kindergarten today. We made applesauce and did lots of other great apple things. The kids had a blast, and I couldn't believe it but Grace actually ate her applesauce and asked for seconds! She normally hates it.

Logan is having a friend spend the night tonight. We'll see how it goes...this is the first non-relative we've had to spend the night. We're also going to an adoption party for our friends whose adoption was final today. It's so wonderful, they only thought they were going to have her for a month of receiving foster care, and now almost two years later she's their child!

Really rainy here today. First real rain we've had in a couple of months. It's kind of nice, the kids won't be begging to go outside and ride bikes every second. When I have a ton of things to do inside, it's frustrating for me to have to go out and supervise.

I was so productive today, I vacuumed the whole upstairs and swept and mopped all of the hardwood floors. With the hundreds of grapes from my in-laws' garden my kids have been eating (and dropping, and squishing all over the floor and garage floor) it was one huge sticky mess. I was grossed out walking in my bare feet across it. It is SO much better now!

I've got to go read. I have an hour until I need to leave to pick up Logan and friend, I need to sit and make some headway in my book. Four more after this one before Sunday night, ugh!

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