Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I am feeling very depressed. Lots of reasons, most of which I can't go into in such a public place. Life sucks sometimes.

Still reading Club Sandwich, but I think I'll finish today. It feels weird to start the day on Tuesday. I dropped off a load of leftover garage sale stuff at church and went grocery shopping this morning. Wrote my only outstanding review. Made a yummy lunch, I guess that's been the highlight of my day. I've really been trying to watch what I'm eating so that hopefully I can fit into my shorts by the time we go to Disneyland. I made a grilled chicken breast and then chopped up half of it. Mixed with a tablespoon of sliced almonds, tablespoon of ff mayo, chopped celery, and chopped grapes. Rolled the whole thing up in a low carb tortilla. ( I am addicted to the La Tortilla Factory ones)

I need to go do my workout and have my snack (the rest of my chicken breast) We're having chicken with roasted veggies for dinner. I've already made it, just need to pop in the oven in an hour. The tomatoes are really fresh and yummy smelling, I used vidalia sweet onion, and rosemary off of my bush. MMMMM.

I think I have Bible study tonight, but I am not sure. Haven't heard from anyone. I guess I'll see if the babysitter shows up! Off to work out.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Oh Sunday!

It's been a nice day so far. Quiet. Not so hot anymore...I guess that was for the benefit of our garage sale. Now that I'm not moving things up and down the street it decided to cool off.

Some reviews posted:
Cold Feet
The Dwelling Place
Self Incrimination
Island Girl

I had a good review writing week. Finished Book Doctor today. What a strange book. Interesting premise, but it kind of de-constructed and became a weird relationship book--I think. I'm not entirely sure what it was about. Maybe I'm not a literary enough reader.

Started Club Sandwich by Lisa Samson. This one is much more up my alley! It's about a woman caught in the generation of raising children and dealing with aging parents.

We're having a bbq in a little while. I need to get downstairs and make a potato salad if I want any hope of it being cold. LeeRoy has decided to completely clean out and rearrange the garage, some people just stopped by and wondered if we were having a garage sale! Too funny. I told him, "you should have sold them whatever they were looking at!" Not like we would have missed it. But he said they were looking at our turkey roaster, which we do use.

Ok, off to make the potato salad and season the salmon.

Friday, May 27, 2005

It's too hot!!!

After the second 90+ day in a row, I am done with the hot weather here. This is the Northwest, it's not supposed to be in the 90's in May!

It's been very busy around here, it's garage sale day. I've been working like crazy getting things priced and moved over to the neighbor's house. I've sold quite a bit, I'm so glad to be freeing myself from some of these things. It's wonderful!

No big plans for the weekend, other than taking Kimber to look at cars. I'm hoping it's not quite so HOT! Garage sale continues tomorrow. I'd also like to take the kids to see Madagascar.

Currently reading The Book Doctor by Esther Cohen

Ok, gotta get back to the sale. The kids are farmed out to various neighbors and I need to check on them too.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I'm already kind of dreading summer. I am having a difficult time keeping the kids occupied! Today was the first day that I didn't have any other activities to go to when Grace didnt' have school. And after Friday, she doesn't have school anymore. I will just have to be more creative I guess.

Currently reading Summer in the City by Robyn Sisman. It's chick lit, about a British woman and an American man who do a six week job and house swap. Cute so far, but nothing really new.

Rob and Amber's wedding is on tonight. Yes, I am going to watch :) I will have to get the TV before Kimber starts watching the One Tree Hill finale. Tomorrow is the big night though--Lost finale.

Today I had to go get a tire fixed again. Had a blowout yesterday, but fortunately I was in the Safeway parking lot and it wasn't raining. LeeRoy came and changed it for me. It gets so frustrating to have to keep doing this! Also went grocery shopping, the Bible study brunch is tomorrow. Need to put prices on the garage sale stuff soon.

We're having pork tenderloin for dinner. I am feeling so blah about everything--life in general. I can't get up any motivation to do anything. Cooking, getting ready for the garage sale, etc. I'm mad at myself but I dont' know what to do about it.

Gotta go read some more. The kids are over playing with Eli, thank goodness, for a little while.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Quieter weekend

New review up at BookLoons:
The Departed

Much quieter weekend than our marathon quick trip to California last weekend.

Friday night went out to dinner, pleasant and the food was good as usual. I had seafood pasta and LeeRoy had blue cheese steak. We watched Sideways after we put the kids to bed...good show. Smarmy guys, but overall a decent movie. Made me want to drink some wine!

Saturday we slept in really late. SO nice, havent' done that for awhile. LeeRoy and Logan went to Star Wars III, Grace and I went to a Safeway grand opening and to Target. After we all got home we watched Time Changer (hokey Christian movie, but really interesting and lots of food for thought) then watched National Treasure (again, we own it and love it) and after the kids went to bed we watched Mr. 3000 (decent)

Today we went to church. Grace went over to her friend Maddie's house and Logan played with neighbor kids. LeeRoy and I cleaned out the garage in preparation for the Oskey's garage sale this weekend. We have a ton of stuff to put in the sale, I can't believe how much junk we have. It's out of control. We are getting rid of so much stuff--jog stroller, power wheels...lots of things the kids have outgrown. Went out to Mexican food for dinner, I was starving!

Tonight are the season finales of Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy. I'll be kept busy for the next three hours :)

Currently reading The Dwelling Place by Elizabeth Musser. It's ok...I did read the first book (Swan House) but I dont' really remember it since it was a couple of years ago that I read it. It's taking me a long time to get into the flow of this one.

Ok, gotta go. LeeRoy's brother is coming over and the kids need to go to bed.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday and I'm heading to the grocery store in a few minutes. We waited out the thunderstorm complete with hail, and now the kids are watching TV and I can't pull them away.

Today was Logan's jog-a-thon, and he told me he could run about 8 laps, which was a mile. So I sponsored him for $2 a lap, thinking that even if he ran a couple more than he was thinking, I'd owe about $20. WELL...he ended up running 20 laps! Now I owe $40! Too funny, I guess I won't be tricked for next year.

Grace had bike day at school, it was very cute and she had a great time. They had a bike wash, a drive up kitchen where they got McDonalds hamburgers, and if they were going too fast they got a ticket.

I'm finishing up Exes and Ohs, then I'm not sure what's up next. I think the new Elizabeth Musser book. I think we'll go out for dinner tonight. I don't want to cook. Kimber's going to dinner in Seattle, fun for her. She's on a quest to find a new car, she's looking at Honda Civics (2 door) and Jettas. Tomorrow Logan and LeeRoy are going to see Star Wars 3. Logan is so pumped.

Had tuna casserole for dinner last night. It was a new recipe, it turned out really good. It had dijon mustard and romano cheese.

Hopefully the weather will improve so we can get the garage cleaned out this weekend. Garage sale is on Friday! I think we're going to try to sell our tent trailer also.

Ok, it's time to go to the store!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Race is On!

Tonight is the pinewood derby at AWANA. Logan's car is finished (thanks to grandpa) and ready to race. I hope he does well, but not so well that we have to stay until 9. That's just so late for my kids for a school night.

Had Bible study this morning, finished up with the Medium of EnDor. Really good study, lots to think about. It's so amazing how God's Word is relevant and applies to issues today. With so much leaning toward the occult, it's great to learn what God thinks of all of it.

Grace went home with Katie and Logan went home with Matthew, so LeeRoy and I got to go out for lunch! What a total treat. Lots of fun.
Came home and cleaned Grace's room from top to bottom. Got rid of three bags--two of toys and one of trash. The main goal was to find her pajama bottoms that turned up missing because tonight is her Cubbie pajama party. But no, they were not there. So I prayed, God, please show me where they are! I decided to open Kimber's door (ugh, tons of clothes and stuff all over the floor, cannot even see the floor) and lo and behold--there they were! Thank you Lord!

Tomorrow we have gymnastics and I have a ton of books to mail off that I've sold. I'll package them up tonight while watching Lost (I'm very excited to watch it, it's getting better and better!)

Currently reading Exes and Ohs by Beth Kendrick. Finished Self Incrimination at midnight last night. Excellent Christian legal thriller. Very thought provoking!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tuesday update

It seems as if I keep falling farther and farther behind, but I don't know why. I'm trying to keep up on my reading and reviewing, although I feel like I'm just creeping along.

Finished Broken for You...wow, what a fantastic book. One of the best I've read (listened to) this year so far. Still reading Self Incrimination (it's long, almost 500 pages), but have started listening to Oh My Stars by Lorna Landvik.

Today I got an experience I don't think I'll ever have again! I got to hold a baby kangaroo! The owner of LeeRoy's company raises/breeds/owns them, and he brought one to the office today. I took the kids and went there. She was SO cute, her name is Jill and she's about 7 1/2 months old. I learned a ton about kangaroos. Took lots of pictures with all of us and the kangaroo, but I don't have a clue how to post them on here. I'll have to do a little research and see if I can do it. Anyway, it was an incredible experience.

We have Bible study tonight, but LeeRoy has a meeting again. I have no idea what to make for dinner, I am trying very hard to stay back on my diet until we go to Disneyland in a month. I may make a taco ring, I'll just have a little piece and a lot of salad.

Back to writing reviews...I've got one more to write up and then I have to read some more. My life is sure boring! LOL

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Back from Cali

Well, we made the lightning fast trip to California! Left around 1 on Friday, dropped the kids in Salem, and after a quick dinner stop in Grants Pass, arrived in Redding about 9:30. Went to bed and in the morning we went to find a Starbucks (of which there are many, important to Kimber) then met Sarah at Simpson and went on a tour. The school is very nice and the dorms are so much better than the ones at Oregon State where I went to school! It sounds like the campus is quite social, lots of activities. The classes are fairly small but a good variety. I was very, very impressed. I am hoping she decides that this is the place for her, because I think she's totally ready to spread her wings and fly. Academically and socially, I think she needs to get out of here and find out who she is in her own environment. I know she's probably really scared, but I also know she can do it.

So, after the tour we went to Olive Garden and then headed home. Arrived in Salem around 7 and got home around 9:30. Almost a thousand miles in such a short amount of time. We were all quite tired of each other by the end of the trip.

Have a new review posted:
The Baker's Apprentice

Currently finishing up the book Cold Feet which is a chick lit anthology about engaged couples and not being sure if it's the right thing. Will be moving along to Self Incrimination after that.

Skipped church this morning because I was so tired. Logan has a birthday party this afternoon, so I need to get in the shower and get ready for the day. Another busy week this week, such is the way life goes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ear Infection

Well, Grace has an ear infection, so I've been spending a lot of time today holding and cuddling and etc. Not a bad thing for a mom to do I suppose! She's sleeping right now, so I have a couple of minutes. AWANA awards are tonight, or I would say that we should skip it. Kinda frustrating, but she's on antibiotics now, so that should help soon.

Taught Bible study this morning about the Medium of En Dor. Wow, what a wonderful discussion. We're not finished either, so next week should be good also.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Forgot about my reading...

Forgot to say what I was reading!

The Departed by Kathryn Mackel Christian horror, that's kind of an interesting twist. I just finished her first book, The Surrogate and it was creepy and very interesting.

Still listening to Broken for You, which is getting better as it progresses.

Can't seem to catch up!

Life has been going so full speed that I feel like I'm constantly running trying to catch up and not getting anywhere.

This past weekend was fun but again, lots to do. Friday night we went out to dinner at a new local Italian restaurant. It was good and the kids were very well behaved. Watched Meet the Fockers, which was funny but not as good as Meet the Parents.

Saturday I went to the library sale again while LeeRoy took the kids shopping. Went over to the neighbor's for a bbq later, stayed for quite awhile talking with everyone.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Went to church and then went and got my buy one get one free Starbucks at Safeway. My parents came up and LeeRoy's parents came over, LeeRoy grilled salmon and made rice and asparagus. It was yummy and relaxing. The main good thing was that we talked for a long, long time with Kimber about college. She narrowed down some schools and we looked at the calendar and decided that the only time we had until the end of July to go visit a school was this coming weekend. And oh yeah, it's in California! So we set some plans into motion to go down to visit Simpson University this weekend. I finished up writing my reviews Sunday night, which took a couple of hours.

Monday I spent most of the day running errands and getting plans made for the trip. We're leaving right after the kids get out of school on Friday. Jenny is going to take care of the animals. We're dropping Grace and Logan in Salem in the way by. We'll make it down to Redding by evening. I made hotel reservations so we have somewhere to stay on Friday night. Talked to the admissions people multiple times, we have an appointment to tour the school at 11 on Sat. They seemed to think that if she wants to go there in the fall, if she gets everything in as soon as possible that it shouldn't be a problem. So I spent the afternoon filling out the financial aid form, Kimber started collecting transcripts, etc. Talked to her boss so she can have the day off work on Friday, LeeRoy took the day off, and I cancelled out of my meeting for Sat. We are coming back late Sat night because LeeRoy has to be at church and Logan has a birthday party to go to on Sunday afternoon. Whew!

Yesterday was also Grace's Un-birthday at preschool (since she has a summer birthday) So I had to get treats (doughnuts) and come to her little party. To top it all off, I had ANOTHER flat tire (third in a week) and had to go get it fixed. This is getting really frustrating.

I'm teaching Bible study tomorrow, and I'm not all the way finished typing up my outline. I need to do that in a minute. I have home Bible study tonight and LeeRoy again has worship team practice on the same night, which is irritating to me. He hasn't been there in a long time.

Amazing Race finale is tonight...who will win? For the first time, I will actually be happy with whoever it is. I think all of the remaining teams have played the game really well.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Reviews Up

Just have a couple of minutes to post some more reviews I have posted. Will do a full update tomorrow.

At Bookloons:
Brides O' the Emerald Isle
Schooling Carmen

At Curled Up:
Waiting for Birdy

I have been reading like crazy to meet my Romantic Times deadline for tomorrow and I did it! But now I'm exhausted and ready to veg out in front of the tv for a couple of hours.

Friday, May 06, 2005


I'm so glad it's finally Friday. This has seemed like the longest week! I don't know why some weeks fly by and others just drag. It's not as if I wasn't busy, because I was...that should have made the week pass quicker.

I'm now moved onto the Love Inspired books for July. Almost done with the first, A Gift of the Heart, and then I'll cruise quickly through them. I need them all done and reviews written and turned in by Sunday night. Ugh, I need to get off the computer and get reading.

No huge Mother's Day plans...we're trying to arrange to go out to eat but we're not proactive enough to have made reservations.

Went to a library book sale today, came away with two boxes of books. Some I'm going to sell, but there was a fairly good selection of books, most of which were not ex-library copies, which is what I prefer. Nothing so wonderful I can't wait to read it, but good finds all the same.

I've got to get back to the books. Just cleaned up the family room, so I have done my big clean for the day.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Busy Busy Busy!!!

This week has just been plain crazy. I can't seem to keep up with myself, much less with everything around me. Last night we had a "whatever you want" dinner because the afternoon was so busy. Logan was at his friend Eric's and Grace and I went to find out where her friend Mackenzie had moved in (just down the street) After rounding everyone up I didn't get home until after 5, and both LeeRoy and I had to be different places by shortly after 6. Unfortunately, that type of dinner didn't give many options since we were so close to being out of just about everything (no bread, no meat, no peanut butter, no milk)

So today I knew I needed to go to the store. The question was, when? After dropping Logan at school I headed to take Grace and get ready to teach Bible study. Then I remembered that I forgot the camera. So I quickly dropped her off and then zoomed home. Guess what? Camera batteries were dead. So I grabbed the camera and the charger and headed back to church. Plugged in the charger in my small group room, got to Bible study right as the music was starting. I taught the class, then went to a few minutes of small group before going to Grace's class Mother's Day party.

As I was sitting there with a monster headache wondering what we would eat for lunch with no food in the house, I realized I needed to call LeeRoy and see if we could go out for lunch. So we went to Burgerville. After that, went to Target, then Fred Meyer. Got home and unloaded groceries (I'm still not all the way done, I'm taking a break) Had to call my mom because our Disney plane times have really changed. Not sure what we're going to do.

Tonight I have two reviews to finish up, bills to pay, and two batches of cookies to make for the spring tea that I'm not even going to.

On a good note, Lost is a NEW episode tonight! I am beyond excited about that.

About Amazing Race--sorry to see Gretchen and Meredith go, but there are a few things I've learned about this game over the past few seasons:

1--Always read the clue thoroughly. Read it more than once and do EXACTLY what it says. Don't lose it!

2--If you have time to sit in the airport, you have time to search for an earilier flight. Never assume that the flight you are on is the earliest one. Search until you have no more time to search.

3--Enlist the help of a local or someone who knows their way around.

The one thing I couldn't understand is why G & M always chose the physically demanding detour choice. It's entirely possible had they chosen the riddle one that they could have beaten Uchenna and Joyce.

Ok, I have to get busy and figure out what to make for dinner. Pizza sounds good!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Grabbing a minute

To write! The weather has been so beautiful we have spent almost every spare moment outside. The kids cry and cry when I don't go out there with them so they can ride their bikes, but they can't be out there alone. It's such a dilemma when I have so many things to do inside (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc)

I've got a new review posted:
Confessions of a Slacker Wife

Working my way through my RT books. I've finished two of the seven, hopefully I will make good headway in Joy for Mourning today while I am spending time outside. It's a historical, which is not my genre of choice, but this one looks good and has been decent so far. I finally finished the audio book I was listening to and have started Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos. It's also captivated me so far, the characters are definitely quirky.

Yesterday we had hubby's brother over for dinner, we had mesquite grilled chicken, homemade mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and salad. I don't have a clue what we're going to have tonight, I desperately need to go to the store, but haven't made the time. LeeRoy has practice tonight and I have home fellowship group, so it will be something quick.

Looking forward to the Amazing Race tonight!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunny Sunday

It's sunny--a bit overcast but still nice--out today. Yesterday was nice too!

Friday night we watched Friday Night Lights. It was ok, but a bit more depressing than I was expecting.

Saturday I had to go to Clatskanie to pick up a product from a lady. We decided to make a day of it and head to the coast. We first had to stop in Astoria because Grace's gum had fallen out of her mouth into her hair. I bought some Goo Gone (great stuff) and dissolved the gum.

Then we moved on to Fort Clatsop The kids had a blast walking around the Fort and looking at the displays of items from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We hiked around and got to climb in some dugout canoes.

Next up was Cannon Beach. We stopped and had ice cream, and then wandered around in some shops. Went to the beach and walked for a long time. Found some sand dollars, a couple of them were so tiny! As we were walking back to our car they were having a Ferrari show. Very expensive cars, that's for sure.

Stopped at Pig N Pancake in Astoria on the way home to have dinner. I've eaten better meals there, but this one was ok. Watched Spanglish which was really touching, completely different than I was expecting from an Adam Sandler movie. A little funny, but mostly I'd call it a drama, not a comedy.

I've been reading and working on the computer since I've been home from church today. I think we're going over to my in-laws' in a little while, but hubby is working on the lawn and not really hurrying, so we'll see.