Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Busy Busy Busy!!!

This week has just been plain crazy. I can't seem to keep up with myself, much less with everything around me. Last night we had a "whatever you want" dinner because the afternoon was so busy. Logan was at his friend Eric's and Grace and I went to find out where her friend Mackenzie had moved in (just down the street) After rounding everyone up I didn't get home until after 5, and both LeeRoy and I had to be different places by shortly after 6. Unfortunately, that type of dinner didn't give many options since we were so close to being out of just about everything (no bread, no meat, no peanut butter, no milk)

So today I knew I needed to go to the store. The question was, when? After dropping Logan at school I headed to take Grace and get ready to teach Bible study. Then I remembered that I forgot the camera. So I quickly dropped her off and then zoomed home. Guess what? Camera batteries were dead. So I grabbed the camera and the charger and headed back to church. Plugged in the charger in my small group room, got to Bible study right as the music was starting. I taught the class, then went to a few minutes of small group before going to Grace's class Mother's Day party.

As I was sitting there with a monster headache wondering what we would eat for lunch with no food in the house, I realized I needed to call LeeRoy and see if we could go out for lunch. So we went to Burgerville. After that, went to Target, then Fred Meyer. Got home and unloaded groceries (I'm still not all the way done, I'm taking a break) Had to call my mom because our Disney plane times have really changed. Not sure what we're going to do.

Tonight I have two reviews to finish up, bills to pay, and two batches of cookies to make for the spring tea that I'm not even going to.

On a good note, Lost is a NEW episode tonight! I am beyond excited about that.

About Amazing Race--sorry to see Gretchen and Meredith go, but there are a few things I've learned about this game over the past few seasons:

1--Always read the clue thoroughly. Read it more than once and do EXACTLY what it says. Don't lose it!

2--If you have time to sit in the airport, you have time to search for an earilier flight. Never assume that the flight you are on is the earliest one. Search until you have no more time to search.

3--Enlist the help of a local or someone who knows their way around.

The one thing I couldn't understand is why G & M always chose the physically demanding detour choice. It's entirely possible had they chosen the riddle one that they could have beaten Uchenna and Joyce.

Ok, I have to get busy and figure out what to make for dinner. Pizza sounds good!

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