Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can't seem to catch up!

Life has been going so full speed that I feel like I'm constantly running trying to catch up and not getting anywhere.

This past weekend was fun but again, lots to do. Friday night we went out to dinner at a new local Italian restaurant. It was good and the kids were very well behaved. Watched Meet the Fockers, which was funny but not as good as Meet the Parents.

Saturday I went to the library sale again while LeeRoy took the kids shopping. Went over to the neighbor's for a bbq later, stayed for quite awhile talking with everyone.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Went to church and then went and got my buy one get one free Starbucks at Safeway. My parents came up and LeeRoy's parents came over, LeeRoy grilled salmon and made rice and asparagus. It was yummy and relaxing. The main good thing was that we talked for a long, long time with Kimber about college. She narrowed down some schools and we looked at the calendar and decided that the only time we had until the end of July to go visit a school was this coming weekend. And oh yeah, it's in California! So we set some plans into motion to go down to visit Simpson University this weekend. I finished up writing my reviews Sunday night, which took a couple of hours.

Monday I spent most of the day running errands and getting plans made for the trip. We're leaving right after the kids get out of school on Friday. Jenny is going to take care of the animals. We're dropping Grace and Logan in Salem in the way by. We'll make it down to Redding by evening. I made hotel reservations so we have somewhere to stay on Friday night. Talked to the admissions people multiple times, we have an appointment to tour the school at 11 on Sat. They seemed to think that if she wants to go there in the fall, if she gets everything in as soon as possible that it shouldn't be a problem. So I spent the afternoon filling out the financial aid form, Kimber started collecting transcripts, etc. Talked to her boss so she can have the day off work on Friday, LeeRoy took the day off, and I cancelled out of my meeting for Sat. We are coming back late Sat night because LeeRoy has to be at church and Logan has a birthday party to go to on Sunday afternoon. Whew!

Yesterday was also Grace's Un-birthday at preschool (since she has a summer birthday) So I had to get treats (doughnuts) and come to her little party. To top it all off, I had ANOTHER flat tire (third in a week) and had to go get it fixed. This is getting really frustrating.

I'm teaching Bible study tomorrow, and I'm not all the way finished typing up my outline. I need to do that in a minute. I have home Bible study tonight and LeeRoy again has worship team practice on the same night, which is irritating to me. He hasn't been there in a long time.

Amazing Race finale is tonight...who will win? For the first time, I will actually be happy with whoever it is. I think all of the remaining teams have played the game really well.

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