Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I'm already kind of dreading summer. I am having a difficult time keeping the kids occupied! Today was the first day that I didn't have any other activities to go to when Grace didnt' have school. And after Friday, she doesn't have school anymore. I will just have to be more creative I guess.

Currently reading Summer in the City by Robyn Sisman. It's chick lit, about a British woman and an American man who do a six week job and house swap. Cute so far, but nothing really new.

Rob and Amber's wedding is on tonight. Yes, I am going to watch :) I will have to get the TV before Kimber starts watching the One Tree Hill finale. Tomorrow is the big night though--Lost finale.

Today I had to go get a tire fixed again. Had a blowout yesterday, but fortunately I was in the Safeway parking lot and it wasn't raining. LeeRoy came and changed it for me. It gets so frustrating to have to keep doing this! Also went grocery shopping, the Bible study brunch is tomorrow. Need to put prices on the garage sale stuff soon.

We're having pork tenderloin for dinner. I am feeling so blah about everything--life in general. I can't get up any motivation to do anything. Cooking, getting ready for the garage sale, etc. I'm mad at myself but I dont' know what to do about it.

Gotta go read some more. The kids are over playing with Eli, thank goodness, for a little while.

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Tanya said...

Hi Melissa,
Sorry to hear about the tire. Car issues get on my last nerves. Hang in there ~ your entry sounded so sad. I hope today was a better one.
Hugs, Tanya