Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunny Sunday

It's sunny--a bit overcast but still nice--out today. Yesterday was nice too!

Friday night we watched Friday Night Lights. It was ok, but a bit more depressing than I was expecting.

Saturday I had to go to Clatskanie to pick up a product from a lady. We decided to make a day of it and head to the coast. We first had to stop in Astoria because Grace's gum had fallen out of her mouth into her hair. I bought some Goo Gone (great stuff) and dissolved the gum.

Then we moved on to Fort Clatsop The kids had a blast walking around the Fort and looking at the displays of items from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We hiked around and got to climb in some dugout canoes.

Next up was Cannon Beach. We stopped and had ice cream, and then wandered around in some shops. Went to the beach and walked for a long time. Found some sand dollars, a couple of them were so tiny! As we were walking back to our car they were having a Ferrari show. Very expensive cars, that's for sure.

Stopped at Pig N Pancake in Astoria on the way home to have dinner. I've eaten better meals there, but this one was ok. Watched Spanglish which was really touching, completely different than I was expecting from an Adam Sandler movie. A little funny, but mostly I'd call it a drama, not a comedy.

I've been reading and working on the computer since I've been home from church today. I think we're going over to my in-laws' in a little while, but hubby is working on the lawn and not really hurrying, so we'll see.

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