Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday update...again

Ok, I finally have a little bit of time to do an update.

Yesterday the kids were outside playing for 4+ hours, so I worked on cleaning out the garage while they rode their bikes around and around the loop. They were exhausted and didn't get to bed until 9, so they are still whiny and tired today. Logan had a very busy morning at school. We painted paper with layered textures to cut up to make pictures like Eric Carle. They're doing that next week, but the painting was today.

Also, today they made May baskets that looked like bees. Very cute. And another mom brought her shaved ice machine and made them all shaved ices as a treat. When we went to pick up Grace I discovered it was farm day at the preschool. I am so bummed that I missed that! I hope she never figures out how scatterbrained I am...having two kids in different schools at the same time is really difficult. And to top it all off the little goat bit Grace's finger so she was hysterical.

We are definitely going out to dinner tonight. I am not in the mood to cook. I have a job to do in Clatskanie tomorrow, have to pick up a product that a consumer complained about. I am going to try to talk hubby into heading to the beach afterward, we haven't been to Cannon Beach/Seaside since November! And that wasn't even with the kids.

Survivor comments: I am so bummed Steph is gone. It was just too little too late for her to try to make a female alliance. It's going to get really interesting now that all of these great buddies have to start turning on each other. I have a feeling that Caryn will be the next to go unless something amazing happens.

We have a ton of Netflix movies to watch this weekend. Hopefully we can watch at least two.
I am almost finished with Note of Peril. Moving on to Under Cover of Darkness by Elizabeth White. Speaking of books, can anyone tell me why Amazon keeps changing their page look/style? I think they have had four different looks in the past two weeks. sometimes the book cover on the page is huge, others it's not. Now my background/skin is's very interesting to see what it will be each day.
Gotta get busy!

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