Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I've decided to start a blog. A place to keep track of what I'm reading and reviewing mostly, but also other comments about what's going on in my well as my comments about TV and about movies.

Just Finished:
The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn
Hilarious look at the elite world of private kindergarten admissions in New York City. I love books like this, a glimpse into a life I will never experience (and would never really want to)

Currently reading:
Confessions of a Slacker Wife by Muffy Mead-Ferro
It's an interesting non-fiction book talking about expectations of wives and women--our own and the ones others have for us, also the ones we think others have for us. I'm reviewing it for Curled Up With a Good Book

I'm listening The Rosary Girls by Robert Montanari
It's a bit graphic for my kids to listen to in the car, so I'm not going as quickly as I would have liked.

Here are my latest posted reviews:
Worlds Collide by Alison Strobel at BookLoons
A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury at BookLoons
In One Year and Out the Other by Cara Lockwood, et al, at Curled Up With a Good Book

Watched on TV:
Last night watched American Idol...
Loved Constantine's take on Queen. He's definitely a consummate performer. Paula Abdul needs to check herself into rehab. I cannot be the only one who thinks she is wasted all the time...

Also watched The Amazing Race. Was totally disappointed that it's a two-parter. I really dislike "to be continued" shows. And I know the only reason they are dragging this out so much is that they want the finale to be during May sweeps. I don't really care for Amber and Rob, but they are sure playing the game well.

Lost night tonight, but it's a repeat, bummer. Again, same reasoning. They want huge numbers for the May sweeps. It is far and away my favorite show on TV right now. I just pre-ordered the season one DVDs on Amazon--can't wait to watch the whole season back-to-back. That will be a reason for a party!

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twiga92 said...

Lost is one of my favorite shows too!
Cool blog background!