Monday, April 25, 2005

And the rain continues

Not that I'm complaining. We need the rain. I have lived in the Northwest most of my life, so I know it rains a lot here. But I'd love for the kids to have some play time outside. They are getting antsy. It's supposed to be TV turn-off week. Yeah, right. Like that would happen in our house.

Got some reading time in Starbucks this morning. I love that my clothes now smell like coffee. Also went to the library. The librarian said, "You do know that you now have 25 books checked out." I just laughed, but I am thinking--does she think I am hogging them? There are shelves and shelves of books, if someone wants to check out one of the books I have they can put it on hold and I'll bring it back when it's due. I like to have a variety of books to choose from to read. It's an addiction. So sue me. I pay taxes, I get to use the library.

While we're driving to school and back each day, Grace likes to watch out the window. I vaguely pay attention to what she's saying, because most of the time she is either talking to hear herself talk, or she says "I'm not talking to you" when I answer her. But I noticed that she kept saying, after we drove past this one house, "Those kids are still sitting there!" And the next day, "Their mommy just lets them sit outside all the time!" Another time, "They just haven't moved!" She said things so many times that I finally said, "What are you talking about!" She said that there were these two kids sitting in a yard, and they are there every single time we drive by (at least twice a day, every day, sometimes more) She just couldn't understand how those kids could be sitting outside so much. I said I thought they were probably a statue, but I could never see them when I tried to look. She didn't think they were a statue, because, "mommy, they are in color. They are REAL people."

Finally, yesterday it was just hubby and I riding in the car. I told him to slow down so I could see what on earth she was talking about. Mind you, I had been trying and trying to see these "kids" for over a week, I was starting to think she was making it all up. He drove very slowly and I looked--to find a large plastic nativity scene under a tree in the people's back yard. Yes, they are in color, but it's Mary and Joseph, not some poor kids not allowed to come inside. It gave me such a chuckle!!

Still reading/listening to the same books. Our washing machine broke on Friday. It won't spin and won't drain. I am really irritated because it's only a year old. We have had more problems with it than with our one we had for 10 years. The repair guy just called and said he'll be here in a half hour. Hopefully he can fix it today, because I've got laundry coming out my ears. I do at least two loads a day, and you can imagine what it's like not doing laundry going on four days now. And that doesn't even count Kimber's heaps that she normally does each Saturday.

Back to typing, I need to work on typing up my Bible study for Wed.

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