Monday, April 18, 2005

And it's yet again Monday...

Got to spend a pleasant hour in Starbucks this morning reading my book and drinking my tea. Not quite finished with The Baker's Apprentice, but almost. Will definitely finish tonight.

We're having homemade meatball subs tonight. The meatballs are in the oven baking right now, I made them from ground turkey since I haven't cooked with ground beef in over a year. The mad cow thing has completely turned me off ground beef for good. I'm even making the buns to eat them on (mostly out of laziness, I know that sounds silly but I would rather make something than go to the store)

My thoughts on last night's TV--
Desperate Housewives was interesting. I think I have figured out the twists, I was surprised that they just blurted out that the woman Mike has been looking for is the lady in the toy chest. It's not too much of a stretch to think that kooky Zach is maybe Mike's son? That would be a fun twist.

Grey's Anatomy grows on me more and more each week. I am getting very engrossed with the show and its characters.

Gotta go take out the meatballs!

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