Thursday, April 14, 2005

And now it's Thursday...

Busy day so far, but what else is new? I've been to the post office, library, Logan's school, gymnastics, Safeway, and Target. Now to be home for awhile.

Dinner--Last night we ended up having the apricot chicken. It was really good. We had couscous with it, which is one of Logan's favorite things. Veggie lasagna will be tonight since I got the mushrooms today.

What I'm reading:
Finished the Slacker Wife book, it was a decent read, although nothing truly spectacular or earth-shattering.

Started A Garden in Paris by Stephanie Grace Whitson. It's kept me interested so far. It's about a woman whose overbearing husband died two years previously, and she and her adult daughter are not getting along. She decides to return to Paris, where she was once in love with a French man. I'm not really sure about that relationship yet, because I'm not far enough into the story.

Didn't end up watching any TV last night, not even American Idol, though I do know who got cut. Unfortunately. I cannot see what "America" sees in Scott. Not that he has zero talent, but in comparison, I can't see why he's staying around.

We may go see Sahara tomorrow night...LeeRoy really wants to see it. I can definitely stand to see Matthew McConaughey :))

On another note, Grace is on a huge princess kick.
For example:
Kimber went on a ride-along with the fire department last week. While she was gone, I asked Grace, "Wouldn't you like to do that someday? Maybe you could be a firefighter when you grow up."

Grace: "Mommy. I do not want to be a firefighter. I am going to be a princess! I am going to live in a castle and wear a crown."

Just a few minutes ago I told her to pick up her toys from the family room. Her reply?
"I am a princess! Princesses do not pick up!" When I informed her that princesses will lose their toys if they weren't picked up, she decided that, for lack of a maid, she would lower herself to pick the toys up.

She is currently talking into the microphone of the karaoke machine, wearing two fluffy pink skirts, high heeled dress up shoes, and a pink sparkly leotard.

I have four reviews to write, so I'll leave you with those thoughts for now.

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