Tuesday, April 26, 2005


We attempted to watch the movie Closer last night. Oh, I had heard the bad comments from people. But we are usually in the minority when it comes to liking movies. The movies we think are good, innovative, funny, interesting (think Best in Show, Lost in Translation, O Brother Where Art Thou, etc.) most people we know think are horrible. So, we were hoping it would be the same with Closer.

Well, it wasn't. What a terrible movie! The plot, what little there was, had no redeeming value. There are horrendous jumps in time that jarred me and had me scratching my head in puzzlement. The entire movie made me want to take a shower, it just left me feeling icky for having watched it. The language is awful, the adultery is rampant, and it's just a sad story about four messed-up people getting even more messed up.

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