Friday, April 22, 2005

Have a few minutes...

I have a few minutes before the next phase of my day begins--the hubby comes home phase (as opposed to the hubby's at work phase)

Friday mornings are always non-stop. I worked in Logan's classroom. It was fun to watch the kids get so excited about a science experiment of seeking how many paperclips it took to sink small pieces of different types of wood.

After we went to Grace's school we ended up doing a swap with Maria and I took Logan and Jacob home and she took Grace and Katie home. It was nice for Logan to have someone to play with while I did mundane house things like laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc. I did make Jenny a ding dong cake for her birthday too. Just got back from dropping Jacob at home and picking up Grace.

Then we went to the library to return the movies, then to the Grocery Outlet to get some stuff for our bbq tonight. We're going over to the neighbors' (that's where I'm taking the cake) I got a whole bunch of junk--hot dogs for the kids, marshmallows, and three huge bags of chips. I need to find a gift bag for Jenny's gift.

I still have so much to do around here, and everywhere I look there are toys and more toys. They are everywhere all the time. It doesn't matter if we pick up, the toys seem to have minds of their own and creep out behind my back!

Got our tickets for Movin' Out in June. I'm so excited to see this one. We haven't been to a show for a long time. I've been looking for plane tickets so we can go to Las Vegas in August. They are much more expensive than they were last summer when I went. Gas prices are awful!

Well, gotta go get ready for dinner. It's hot today, looks like it will thunderstorm later.

Still reading and listening to the same books as yesterday. Birdy is great, I've laughed out loud hysterically many times.

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