Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wasting just a little time!

I have four reviews I absolutely need to get written in the next hour and a half--can I do it? I can if I buckle down. Thought I'd write a little before I get going.

Finished Schooling Carmen this afternoon while sitting outside watching the kids ride bikes. It is a beautiful day today, in the mid-70's. I actually got hot! The book was really wonderful, it made me cry at one point. It was quite touching, which I wasn't expecting from a chick lit book.

Now I have to move on to my RT books. I'm starting with one of the new Love Inspired Suspense books, Note of Peril by Hannah Alexander. I generally like HA's books, so it's a good one for me to start with.

I loved the Amazing Race last night. I thought it was absolutely hilarious that Rob basically shot himself in the foot by mentioning an earlier flight to Uchenna. I was rolling with laughter when he found out that they weren't in first place. And the comment by Kelly that Ron got out of the military by being a POW? Open mouth, insert foot. I actually would be pleased with any of the teams being the winner, but I especially want Uchenna and Joyce to win, they seem to have the most "spirit".

I'm so excited for Lost tonight, even if it is a recap episode. There are so many intricacies to the show I'm sure I'll learn something new.

Ok, ok, I am going to start writing my reviews now. Wish me luck.

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