Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ah, Wednesday

Haven't had time to do a whole lot today. I am staying home from church this evening in order to get my last two reviews written up. Still have hundreds of books to read, but that's beside the point!

Still reading the same book as yesterday. Will finish it tonight and move along. Spent a long time this afternoon outside with the kids. Got a little reading done then, but there's always something to watch and I don't want to miss out. Grace is learning to stop her bike with her hand brake, it's very cute but she tries to ride straight at me and then brake at the last minute---ahh!

Last night--watched American Idol, but since I already know who is gone (AI is the only show I read east coast spoilers for) I won't put in my 2 cents.Not a huge surprise anyway.

Amazing Race--Wow, I am so impressed with Joyce. My husband was moved, but he said, "She's in a race, she knows she has to do it! You'd do it if it were you!" But I'm not sure if I would. Probably would, it's only hair. I did cry while she was getting it cut off. I was also really mad that they didn't give them a prize. For heaven's sake, Rob and Amber have won two prizes for coming in first! Getting your head shaved should have won them a trip somewhere.

Heard that Rob and Amber got married last Saturday in the Bahamas. It's suppposed to be televised May 24, I'm a sucker, I'm sure I'll watch.

All right, all right, back to the review writing!

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