Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And here I am on Wednesday!

I have a couple of new reviews posted:

The Travel Mom's Ultimate Book of Family Travel

Woman First, Family Always

We head to California (yes, again) tomorrow morning. I have two more books to finish for RT before Monday, which should be pretty easy with the 16+ hours I'll be riding in the car over the next two days. Fortunately I don't get carsick!
I have to read Relentless by Robin Parrish and Night Light by Terri Blackstock. I also have a reader-reviewer book that has a review due May 3, so I need to read that one too:Literacy and Longing in LA

We're finishing up the house this week. Down to the last few things. We're having some open houses this weekend, pray that it sells quickly!

Back to go seal the tile on the shower...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Review Update

Here are my most recent reviews. I'm currently working my way through my Romantic Times books for the month. I have three more to go before Monday, which should be ok. Especially since we're driving to California again. Kimber's done with school for the year this early, I know! We have to go down and pick her up on Thursday and Friday. I'm really hoping to get some serious reading time in the car.

Latest reviews:
Drawing The Line


The Notebook Girls

I just finished reading Sisterchicks in Gondolas by Robin Jones Gunn ( I love this series, really touching books) and am getting ready to start Journey to Love by Charlotte Hubbard.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I'm headed outside for a little reading before I have to go get Logan from school.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Books Read in 2006

Here are the books and ratings I've read so far in 2006. I will include April when the month is over and will post monthly after that.


Strictly Confidential--Terri Reed (C+)
Small Town Secrets--Sharon Mignerey (C-)
Be My Neat-Heart--Judy Baer (B)
Promise of Forever--Patt Marr (B-)
A Very Special Delivery--Linda Goodnight (C+)
Child of Mine--Bonnie Winn (C-)
Maggie's Story--Dandi Daley Mackall (B)
Red Velvet--Sandra Byrd (B)
The Art of Undressing--Stephanie Lehmann (C+)
Grace in Thine Eyes--Liz Curtis Higgs (A-)
Can You Keep a Secret--Sophie Kinsella (Audio) (B)
Claire Knows Best--Tracey Bateman (B-)
Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle-RK Mortensen (B)
Magdalene--Angela Hunt (C+)
House--Michael Ruhlmann (B)
Rekindled--Tamera Alexander (B-)
Magic Hour--Kristin Hannah (B)
Heavens to Betsy--Beth Patillo(C)
Earth to Betsy--Beth Patillo (C)
The Butterfly Farm--Diane Noble (B)
Everything's Coming Up Josey--Susan May Warren (A-)
A Vow to Cherish--Deborah Raney (B-)
Emily Ever After--Anne Dayton and May Vanderbuilt (B)


April in Bloom--Annie Jones (B)
The History of Love--Nicole Krauss (Audio) (B)
A Leap of Faith--Lenora Worth (B)
And Baby Makes Five--Debra Clopton (C)
Along Came Love--Carrie Turansky (C)
The Ransom--Kathi Mills-Macias (C+)
Things We Once Held Dear--Ann Tatlock (B+)
The Novelist--Angela Hunt (A)
Showdown--Ted Dekker (B/B+)
Tales from the Crib--Jennifer Coburn (B-)
Fashionably Late--Beth Kendrick (B-)
On this Day--Melody Carlson (B-)
Flee the Night--Susan May Warren (C)
Forever Odd--Dean Koontz (Audio) (C+)
Escape to Morning--Susan May Warren (C)
Expect the Sunrise--Susan May Warren (B+)
The Hunted--Fred Stoeker and DW Smith (C)
The Widows' Club--Joyce Livingston (B-)
The Forsaken--Stephen Arterburn and Mike Moscoe (C)
Mackinac Island--Gaymer Martin et al (C+)
Less than Frank--Lynn Bulock (C)
Leaves of Hope--Catherine Palmer (C)
If You Could See Me Now--Cecelia Ahern (Audio) (B)


A Time to Mend--Angela Hunt (B-)
Front Porch Princess--Kathryn Springer (B+)
Stormcatcher--Colleen Rhoads (B-)
Through the Fire--Sharon Mignerey (C+)
When Silence Falls--Shirlee McCoy (C-)
A Family Forever--Brenda Coulter (B)
When Dreams Come True--Margaret Daley (B-)
A Match Made in Bliss--Diann Walker (B-)
Lessons from the Heart--Dorothy Clark (C)
Miss New York Has Everything--Lori Jakiela (B-)
In Plain Sight--Lorena McCourtney (C+)
The Scent of Lilacs--Ann Gabhart (C+)
Unspoken--Angela Hunt (A-)
Savannah from Savannah--Denise Hildreth (B-)
The Tenth Circle--Jodi Picoult (B-)
Leigh--Lyn Cote (C-)
Carly--Lyn Cote (C+)
Fair Warning--Hannah Alexander(C+)
The Jane Austen Book Club--Karen Lee Fowler (Audio) (C)
In the Enemy's Sights--Marta Perry (C+)
On Wings of Deliverance--Elizabeth White (B)


We have put in so many hours on the house this week I have barely done any reading. I decided to read Goodbye Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders before going back to my RT books. It's pretty good, but not so much chick lit as women's fiction. The title makes it seem really fluffy and light, but it's not. I got a reader reviewer book in the mail today (actually a book I have been really wanting to read) Literacy and Longing in L.A. For book lovers like me it looks to be right up my alley!

All right, back to reading. Only an hour until Survivor starts and I want to knock back a big chunk of the book while everyone is outside.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

BookLoons Updates

Here are my most recent BookLoons Reviews:


A Girl's Best Friend


Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle

I'm currently reading Waking Lazarus by TL Hines. It's a very interesting Christian thriller about a man who has come back from the dead three times and a race to find a serial killer. Creepy but engrossing. Next up I have Night Light by Terri Blackstock.

It's been an interesting reading month!

Happy Easter to everyone. Thank you so much Jesus for all you have done for me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Review

I have been busily writing reviews today. Didn't even get halfway through, but I did get quite a few written. I will probably get one more done tonight before everyone gets home from church.

New review posted:

Magic Hour

I am currently reading Uncharted by Angela Hunt. I have to say that she's becoming one of my favorite authors. This book has grabbed me from the start--it's a combo of Lost, The Big Chill, and Castaway according the the cover, and I'm not disagreeing!

Back to my review writing, gotta spend the day working on the yellow house tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy but Reading

I have been really busy...hopefully we can get this house finished soon so I can get back to my regularly scheduled life. I am pretty tired of it and ready to be done.

I'm reading The Notebook Girls which is a (supposedly) true notebook passed around by four girls during their high school years. It's a fun format and a lot of it rings very true, but you know how skeptical we all are about "true" stories these days. It's kind of interesting though, because I'm still listening to Prep, and both books are about teenage girls and their high school experiences. I'm drowning in teenagers! LOL

Watched The Apple Dumpling Gang last week. How cute...brings back total memories and it was as good as I remembered it. The kids really enjoyed it too. Last night we watched Where the Truth Lies, which was a decent mystery with lots of twists and turns, but...pretty graphic sex.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm back!

Home from vacation! It was fun, but a long, long week. Too much togetherness sometimes.

On Friday night (the 31st) we left after LeeRoy got off work. Which was about 5:30. We hadn't eaten, so we stopped at the Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver. Long wait for a table, by the time we got out of there it was after 8. Then we drove to Newport, we got there after 11. Kids were exhausted, we were tired.

Saturday through Wednesday we spent at the beach. We did a lot of walking, went to the outlet mall, went to the aquarium, read a lot of books. Went to see Ice Age The Meltdown (cute). Thursday morning we did massive laundry and cleaned the house and then headed to California at noon. We got to Redding about 7:30, which was pretty good timing. Hung out with Kimber for awhile and went out to dinner, then took her back to her dorm and went to the hotel and went to bed.

Friday we went to the Sundial bridge, shopping, and just hung out most of the day. Went out to dinner for her birthday. We left there around 6:30 and drove to Medford, got there around 9. Yesterday we drove to Salem and picked up the dog and then drove home. Lots and lots of time in the car! LeeRoy went to church today but we all skipped, I just couldn't make it out of bed in time.

I have a tonnnnnn of reviews to write up, I don't know exactly when I'm going to carve out the time to do it. Maybe today for some, who knows.

Recent reviews posted:


Akimbo and the Crocodile Man

Here's a fun quiz to discover what type of reader you are:

Off to the shower (finally!) and maybe I'll get some typing time in today.