Thursday, April 20, 2006

Books Read in 2006

Here are the books and ratings I've read so far in 2006. I will include April when the month is over and will post monthly after that.


Strictly Confidential--Terri Reed (C+)
Small Town Secrets--Sharon Mignerey (C-)
Be My Neat-Heart--Judy Baer (B)
Promise of Forever--Patt Marr (B-)
A Very Special Delivery--Linda Goodnight (C+)
Child of Mine--Bonnie Winn (C-)
Maggie's Story--Dandi Daley Mackall (B)
Red Velvet--Sandra Byrd (B)
The Art of Undressing--Stephanie Lehmann (C+)
Grace in Thine Eyes--Liz Curtis Higgs (A-)
Can You Keep a Secret--Sophie Kinsella (Audio) (B)
Claire Knows Best--Tracey Bateman (B-)
Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle-RK Mortensen (B)
Magdalene--Angela Hunt (C+)
House--Michael Ruhlmann (B)
Rekindled--Tamera Alexander (B-)
Magic Hour--Kristin Hannah (B)
Heavens to Betsy--Beth Patillo(C)
Earth to Betsy--Beth Patillo (C)
The Butterfly Farm--Diane Noble (B)
Everything's Coming Up Josey--Susan May Warren (A-)
A Vow to Cherish--Deborah Raney (B-)
Emily Ever After--Anne Dayton and May Vanderbuilt (B)


April in Bloom--Annie Jones (B)
The History of Love--Nicole Krauss (Audio) (B)
A Leap of Faith--Lenora Worth (B)
And Baby Makes Five--Debra Clopton (C)
Along Came Love--Carrie Turansky (C)
The Ransom--Kathi Mills-Macias (C+)
Things We Once Held Dear--Ann Tatlock (B+)
The Novelist--Angela Hunt (A)
Showdown--Ted Dekker (B/B+)
Tales from the Crib--Jennifer Coburn (B-)
Fashionably Late--Beth Kendrick (B-)
On this Day--Melody Carlson (B-)
Flee the Night--Susan May Warren (C)
Forever Odd--Dean Koontz (Audio) (C+)
Escape to Morning--Susan May Warren (C)
Expect the Sunrise--Susan May Warren (B+)
The Hunted--Fred Stoeker and DW Smith (C)
The Widows' Club--Joyce Livingston (B-)
The Forsaken--Stephen Arterburn and Mike Moscoe (C)
Mackinac Island--Gaymer Martin et al (C+)
Less than Frank--Lynn Bulock (C)
Leaves of Hope--Catherine Palmer (C)
If You Could See Me Now--Cecelia Ahern (Audio) (B)


A Time to Mend--Angela Hunt (B-)
Front Porch Princess--Kathryn Springer (B+)
Stormcatcher--Colleen Rhoads (B-)
Through the Fire--Sharon Mignerey (C+)
When Silence Falls--Shirlee McCoy (C-)
A Family Forever--Brenda Coulter (B)
When Dreams Come True--Margaret Daley (B-)
A Match Made in Bliss--Diann Walker (B-)
Lessons from the Heart--Dorothy Clark (C)
Miss New York Has Everything--Lori Jakiela (B-)
In Plain Sight--Lorena McCourtney (C+)
The Scent of Lilacs--Ann Gabhart (C+)
Unspoken--Angela Hunt (A-)
Savannah from Savannah--Denise Hildreth (B-)
The Tenth Circle--Jodi Picoult (B-)
Leigh--Lyn Cote (C-)
Carly--Lyn Cote (C+)
Fair Warning--Hannah Alexander(C+)
The Jane Austen Book Club--Karen Lee Fowler (Audio) (C)
In the Enemy's Sights--Marta Perry (C+)
On Wings of Deliverance--Elizabeth White (B)

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Tanya said...

Quite an impressive list, Melissa. Now I'm despressed - THANKS! If I wrote mine down here, you wouldn't have to scroll down the page. LOL Here's hoping I get more reading time in the summer - yeah, that's it.