Thursday, April 21, 2005

Much Ado about Thursday

Lots going on in my life today.

First--found out about The Wordstock Festival that is going on in Portland all this week and weekend. On Saturday and Sunday there is a free book fair with authors galore speaking. It's easier for us to go on Saturday, but the authors I really want to hear are on Sunday. Don't know what we'll end up doing. You can check it out here:
On Sunday I want to hear Judith Ryan Hendricks, Ridley Pearson, and Lolly Winston. Saturday is Kent Haruf, Karen Karbo, Stephanie!

I have a new review posted at Curled Up:
Chloe Does Yale by Natalie Krinsky

Finished up the book I was reading and started on Waiting for Birdy by Catherine Newman. It's a collection of essays from the year she was pregnant with her daughter while her son was two. It is so cute and hilarious! The Rosary Girls is getting so good too, I don't want to leave the car.

Today was busy...went to the post office, went to gymnastics. Then home for a quick lunch for Grace and me and to pack a lunch for Logan. We picked up Logan and went straight to Grace's dentist appointment. Got done with that just in time for Logan's haircut. Finally made it home and I forced the kids to play outside (bad mommy!) We had roasted pork tenderloin for dinner. Then LeeRoy headed to worship team practice and I went to our home fellowship group.

Now I'm waiting for him to get home so we can watch the Survivor that recorded earlier. I love our DVR, it's so handy! I love that we can watch shows while others are recording, and that we can watch the show we're recording while it's recording (that doesn't sound like it makes sense!) For example, if we start Survivor recording at 8, then we get home at 8:30, we can start watching it while it's finishing up recording the rest.

Ok, I'm getting tired. Hopefully will get more done in my book while I'm waiting impatiently!

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