Friday, April 15, 2005

Busy Friday

Friday is always a busy day for me, but once a month it's especially busy. Had our Mom's group at church this afternoon, and I always volunteer in Logan's class on Fridays.

Still reading the same books as yesterday, I got a bit read in A Garden in Paris last night, but haven't had any reading time today.

Survivor comments--I was very proud of Stephenie for sticking with staying there all by herself. That had to be scary even with the camera guy. I thought also that she was incredibly stupid to give up her immunity for a pizza, but after all was said and done I think there was a lot they didn't show us. The powers that be never showed them talking about ousting Coby, and he received all but his and Janu's votes. That and Coby's ending commments about "every single one of you told me you were voting for me because I was a threat..." which made me again think that this was a plan. Stephenie must have been fairly sure everyone was sticking with their plan.

Don't know what we're doing tonight. Our speaker at Mom's group was a pediatrician talking about child discipline. I am amazed at how far my kids have come in the past year, how many things are really past us and I didn't even realize it.

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