Friday, May 20, 2005

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday and I'm heading to the grocery store in a few minutes. We waited out the thunderstorm complete with hail, and now the kids are watching TV and I can't pull them away.

Today was Logan's jog-a-thon, and he told me he could run about 8 laps, which was a mile. So I sponsored him for $2 a lap, thinking that even if he ran a couple more than he was thinking, I'd owe about $20. WELL...he ended up running 20 laps! Now I owe $40! Too funny, I guess I won't be tricked for next year.

Grace had bike day at school, it was very cute and she had a great time. They had a bike wash, a drive up kitchen where they got McDonalds hamburgers, and if they were going too fast they got a ticket.

I'm finishing up Exes and Ohs, then I'm not sure what's up next. I think the new Elizabeth Musser book. I think we'll go out for dinner tonight. I don't want to cook. Kimber's going to dinner in Seattle, fun for her. She's on a quest to find a new car, she's looking at Honda Civics (2 door) and Jettas. Tomorrow Logan and LeeRoy are going to see Star Wars 3. Logan is so pumped.

Had tuna casserole for dinner last night. It was a new recipe, it turned out really good. It had dijon mustard and romano cheese.

Hopefully the weather will improve so we can get the garage cleaned out this weekend. Garage sale is on Friday! I think we're going to try to sell our tent trailer also.

Ok, it's time to go to the store!

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