Sunday, May 29, 2005

Oh Sunday!

It's been a nice day so far. Quiet. Not so hot anymore...I guess that was for the benefit of our garage sale. Now that I'm not moving things up and down the street it decided to cool off.

Some reviews posted:
Cold Feet
The Dwelling Place
Self Incrimination
Island Girl

I had a good review writing week. Finished Book Doctor today. What a strange book. Interesting premise, but it kind of de-constructed and became a weird relationship book--I think. I'm not entirely sure what it was about. Maybe I'm not a literary enough reader.

Started Club Sandwich by Lisa Samson. This one is much more up my alley! It's about a woman caught in the generation of raising children and dealing with aging parents.

We're having a bbq in a little while. I need to get downstairs and make a potato salad if I want any hope of it being cold. LeeRoy has decided to completely clean out and rearrange the garage, some people just stopped by and wondered if we were having a garage sale! Too funny. I told him, "you should have sold them whatever they were looking at!" Not like we would have missed it. But he said they were looking at our turkey roaster, which we do use.

Ok, off to make the potato salad and season the salmon.

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