Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Race is On!

Tonight is the pinewood derby at AWANA. Logan's car is finished (thanks to grandpa) and ready to race. I hope he does well, but not so well that we have to stay until 9. That's just so late for my kids for a school night.

Had Bible study this morning, finished up with the Medium of EnDor. Really good study, lots to think about. It's so amazing how God's Word is relevant and applies to issues today. With so much leaning toward the occult, it's great to learn what God thinks of all of it.

Grace went home with Katie and Logan went home with Matthew, so LeeRoy and I got to go out for lunch! What a total treat. Lots of fun.
Came home and cleaned Grace's room from top to bottom. Got rid of three bags--two of toys and one of trash. The main goal was to find her pajama bottoms that turned up missing because tonight is her Cubbie pajama party. But no, they were not there. So I prayed, God, please show me where they are! I decided to open Kimber's door (ugh, tons of clothes and stuff all over the floor, cannot even see the floor) and lo and behold--there they were! Thank you Lord!

Tomorrow we have gymnastics and I have a ton of books to mail off that I've sold. I'll package them up tonight while watching Lost (I'm very excited to watch it, it's getting better and better!)

Currently reading Exes and Ohs by Beth Kendrick. Finished Self Incrimination at midnight last night. Excellent Christian legal thriller. Very thought provoking!

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