Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Win a Subscription to a Great Magazine

I have yet to find a magazine for moms that really speaks to me. I'm past the potty training stages, I don't need another suggestion list for how to put on my make-up faster. Until now.

Hybrid Moms is a "reality magazine for moms." From their website--what is a hybrid mom?

Hybrid Mom (hy brid mom, n.): An adult female who has discarded outdated and unrealistic conceptions of motherhood. She is parent, wife, volunteer, and sometimes entrepreneur, all in one. Known for her strength, sense of humor, and flexibility, a hybrid mom is actually a fusion of roles that suit her own individuality.

If this sounds like it might be appealing to you, head over to MomViews and enter their contest to win a subscription to this great magazine.

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