Saturday, June 07, 2008

Giveaway Day 6

Today's book is Danny Gospel by David Athey, from Bethany House Publishers

Once he'd performed in his family's gospel band, but now most of his loved ones have passed on. Still known as "Danny Gospel," he is living a sedate, quiet life as a postman in a small Iowa town. Soon his tranquil existence is broken open by--a dream, a vision, a sign?--a beautiful woman he is sure is his "beloved." Logic and sense tucked safely out of harm's way, Danny launches a quest to find his true love. Always good-natured, he is a hero on a journey--dreaming impossible dreams and, no matter how much he must suffer, pursuing romance and heavenly glory.

But is his quest really for a vision of beauty--or is it a journey through pains too deep to name and emotions too raw to feel?



Bethany said...

I have not heard of this author, but the book sounds really interesting. Please enter me!
Thank you,
momofjimmy [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dana said...

I plan to get the new baby's room ready this summer


Anonymous said...

every year our church has Character Week, which is like VBS. my children are involved: some teach, others learn and I tend to be in charge of crafts. it's a long, busy but fun week :)

Lee said...

Wow, I remember being asked in a survey about different covers for this book.

It's actually winter here at the moment so I want to finish a quilt that I was making.

Next summer I plan on extending our vegie garden.

mystylee at bigpond dot com

ImL8 said...

I guess the biggest thing that I am doing this summer is getting all of my mercury fillings in my mouth replaced..........the fun will start Tuesday the 10th.

Becky C. said...

This summer, maybe more laid back, and stay at home.

I may try to visit my aunt, and a friend is suppose to visit me, and I will be sitting on my front porch enjoying my flowers, and books!

This book sounds very interesting.

Becky C.

Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon said...

Lets a week from today we are heading to CA for a week...spending time with family, Angel's game, Disneyland...July 4th weekend up to Seattle and Nathan's family will be here for a week. Also going to see American Idol, Diego, Jack Johnson, and James Taylor. Plus Liam has 2 'camps' at his school...busy busy :o)

cpullum said...

I plan to take a week off and relax also going to Wild Animal Park and making it 3 day vacation.

Pamela J said...

WOW! What a good sounding book. I'd love to win this one.

One thing I plan to do this summer? Ride the motorcycle. My husband does the driving but he lets me ride. We have three pretty sure trips planned, possibly 4 or 5.

Please enter me. Thank you.


cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Janna said...

My goal is to someday this summer have this baby (I'm only 2 weeks overdue as of today!)

ryanx6 at msn dot com

Cheryl Shryack said...

I am planning a girls weendend to Oregon with my mom and my sister. This is something we do every summer and we have a great time. Please enter me in your drawing. It sounds like a great book. My email address is

Martha A. said...

I was part of the survey for the cover of this book too!
Well, I am planning on not being too busy this lots of books, both to me and my children and to spend lots of time with people I love, we are going to participate in our libraries summer reading program and do swimming lessons. I want to learn to swim this summer (I am 29, so before I am 30)

martha (at) lclink (dot) com

Karin said...

Sit in the sun and read!

Carla said...

visit DeSmet, SD for the Laura Ingalls pageant.

pluumeria (at) cox (dot)net

Carole said...

I'm spending this summer helping my daughter get ready to leave for Germany to lead a campus ministry.

This is a new author to me, and I would love to read this book. Thanks for entering me in your contest.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

TK said...

Play with my turtle outside, that my husband amazingly found in our back yard. BBQ alot, bike ride with my husband. Read the books I haven't read as yet, LOL.
Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, TK. vcw1476(at)gmail(dot)com

luv2read said...

One thing I plan to do is stay in bed until noon on purpose. Only to get up for food and drink. Just came up with that idea and I like it.

gautami tripathy said...

It sure seems like a book I can read. My summer, it is already half over. I have been read like hell and writing a lot of poetry.