Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wine Bags--For More than just Wine!

It's been a while since I had something I could actually think of that works for me (I know, I'm a loser). But today I thought of something that I love!

A little background:

I got this reusable wine bag free at the grocery store a long time ago. I don't buy that much wine, and when I do, it's one bottle at a time so it seems useless to put it in a 6-bottle wine bag. I have four other big reusable bags that I use all the time, and could never figure out what to do with my little wine bag, and I thought that maybe it was getting lonely (well, no, I didn't really think that) but I was frustrated that I couldn't come up with a use for it.

Then I went on a shopping trip to Walgreens, and was planning to go to the regular grocery store for a mega trip right afterward, where I knew I was going to be using all four of my bags. I thought of the wine bag, and decided to give it a try.

Well, what do you know? It is the perfect bag for Walgreens shopping. The little compartments are great for shampoos, toothpaste, all of the little drugstore things I buy there. The cashier was impressed. The lady behind me in line asked where I got my "toiletries bag"!

I just put a few things in here to show you the general idea, but it actually holds quite a number of items.

Wine bags--not just for wine anymore!


Cathy said...

Great idea. I love the wine bags.

As a matter of fact, our family uses them for lots of things. My sister in law uses the two bottle bag to carry her shoes in. My daughter uses the 6 bottle bag for her art supplies. My mothers uses the 6 bottle bag to hold her yarn and knitting supplies.

We bought ours online at

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