Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I can finally sign in! I don't know what giltch has been going on, I kept getting error messages.

I have a bunch of new reviews posted:
The Nutcracker

Turning Thirty

No More Christian Nice Guy

The Friendship Test

Remember Me

What She Left for Me

I'm still behind on writing them up. But at least I got my Romantic Times books done, written up, and turned in.

I'm currently reading Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer by Robynn Clairday. It's a cute YA book. Supposedly written in a blog format, but that's a bit gimmicky...I am not seeing that it's all that accurate. Way too much detail in conversation for a blog, especially one written way after the fact of an incident. But I'm enjoying it.

Christmas shopping is well underway. I have many stocking stuffers still to get, but the big stuff is done. I think we're going to hit Wal-Mart, our least favorite store, tonight while the kids are at church.

This weekend we have a ton of things going on. Even today! Had my Bible study brunch. This weekend is the Journey to Bethlehem, I think we'll have to go on Friday if we want to go at all. Saturday is our church tour of homes, and we have to get our Christmas tree sometime. Oh yeah, Friday morning is our Mom's group Christmas brunch and gift exchange. Saturday night is LeeRoy's company Christmas party. Sunday we're going to see Narnia.

Ok, on to working on my Christmas letter.

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