Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's December

I got a whole bunch of reviews written up last night so I should have a bunch posted this week. I only have two left and they are kids books. I should be able to complete them this afternoon.

I'm working on my RT books, I only have one LI Suspense book this time, that's the one I'm reading right now. Then I have the four LI ones...ugh. They are getting a little old. But as it's my only real paid reviewing gig I am going to stick with it.

Kids have a birthday party to go to tonight at the Hoppin House. I was wishing to just stay home, bummer.

Not much else going on, the thrill for the kids is that it snowed today. It seems to have stopped but there's still quite a bit on the ground. Hopefully it will stay until Logan gets out of school so he can enjoy it.

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