Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Ours was great.
Other than that icky hide-a-bed! It was so fun to see my sister and her family, and the kids adored playing with their cousins. Kimber was so happy to be home, although I am not sure she was quite prepared for the clingy-ness of the kids. Oh well. Christmas should be interesting.

I am way, way behind on writing up my reviews. I have five books sitting here to be reviewed, and I had to start on my RT books today because Monday is my deadline. Not too big of a deal though, because I have fewer books this month than normal. The single title book is a re-release (according to Harlequin...but I don't consider a book that has been completely re-worked from a secular romance novel to be a Christian novel a re-release, but I can't argue with them) And I have one less suspense title for some reason.

I'm currently reading Queen Esther and the Second Graders of Doom by Allie Pleiter. It's cute so far. Still listening to Trace.

New reviews posted:
Eloise Wilkin Stories

Texas Christmas Grooms

I got the coolest new toy yesterday. It's actually my Christmas present that I got early. It's an XM SkyFi2 satellite radio. So great, I got the one that goes in the car and at home. I am totally loving it! I can even listen online which is great also.

How great is Lost? I am SO SO excited for this week's episode. I have been waiting for so long to find out what's up with Kate. It should be good. I hope they don't wimp out with the story, but so far no one's has been as I had predicted.

I also adore Gray's Anatomy. The storylines are excellent. Not really liking Amazing Race, give me back the two-person teams thank you very much.

Ok, gotta get busy!

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beyondxm said...

Welcome to the XM Nation Melissa !!! The more you listen to XM the more you get hooked so watch out :)

Michael G