Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Long Awaited Update

Things have been craaazzy around here. Getting ready for Kimber to come home today. And that whole van thing threw my week into a tizzy last week.

So...didn't get the van out until Sunday. We put four people along the door and lifted it up. It wasnt' that it was all that heavy, it was just awkward and got off balance easily if it wasn't being lifted evenly. So we lifted it up and got the van out so I could use it yesterday. And yesterday afternoon the guy came and $145 later, I have a working door again. I guess it's cheaper than a new door, but springs and labor are expensive!

We went to our church couples retreat this past weekend in Seaside. It's one of the highlights of my year. What a fun time! It's great to spend time together and with other couples just hanging out and having fun. We played lots of board games in the evenings and the speakers were absolutely phenomenal. They were Jeff and Stacy Kemp, who run Families Northwest Jeff is a former pro football player and he had a great way of speaking to the men so they could relate and understand. They talked a lot about the roles of husbands and wives and what we need to do to show love and respect for each other. It was just fantastic.

I am on my way to get in the car to pick up Kimber. Everyone's excited for her to come home, but I think Grace and Logan are the most excited.

I'm currently reading Remember Me by Deborah Bedford, still listening to Trace, but I should get farther with my drive to the airport.

Ok...the kids are ready to drag me to the car.
I guess we can wait in the airport as easily as we can wait here!

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