Wednesday, March 26, 2008

20 Rules and Tools

Here is a great link from Families Northwest featuring chapters from Steve Stephens' book 20 Surprisingly Simple Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage.

Families Northwest

There are some excellent tips here, Finding Time for Fun, Go to Bed at the Same Time, Date ideas, Fight Fair, among many others. It is a wonderful article to check out.

I have been struggling a lot lately. Thanks to those of you who commented or e-mailed me to tell me you were praying. I really appreciate it, more than you know!

Spring break is next week here. Hubby has taken the whole week off, which is good in some ways. We are going to do some fun things, but hopefully we will have a few days of down time, which I really need.

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Brenda said...

I bookmarked that to go back and read later when I'm not so tired. It looks good.