Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Round Up of Interesting Reads--Green Edition

Here's a Roundup of some interesting things I have read lately:

Farmer Fast Food from Eat.Drink.Better What are farmers up to at this time of year? Some tips and a recipe for a delicious-sounding Chicken Tamale Pie.

For those of you in Washington state, here's a guide to Washington Farmer's Markets

A short video about CSA farms, it focuses on King County (WA--Seattle area) but the info is applicable to everywhere, if you're interested in the CSA concept CSA Video

Take a test to see your Green I.Q.

Five Green Changes --Some of these are no brainers...but are you doing them?

Very well thought out article from The Garden of Eating about water bottles Greening your Kitchen and as a side note...

After taking a huge hit in the media lately about BPA, Nalgene has announced it now has a BPA free line of bottles. Hmmm, this has obviously been in the works for quite some time, you think? Z-Recommends has the full story here:
Nalgene bottles

That's it for now...stay tuned for a wonderful new giveaway tomorrow--just in time for the new Prince Caspian movie!

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