Thursday, April 17, 2008

Small Rant

My mother in law just called saying that, since they were sick on Easter and had to cancel their Easter get-together, she's rescheduling for the end of the month. We are having chili dogs, and she wants everyone to bring a pack of hot dogs and a pack of buns, she has the chili (which to me means it will be canned)

Can I just say yuck and get that out of the way?

She KNOWS we have been trying to eat more healthy and less processed food. Other than the fact that I can probably find some decent buns, there won't be anything there I can eat, and nothing there that I think my family should eat. I have a major "ick" when it comes to hamburger of any sort.

Why would she choose this as the entree?

Ok, I'm done.

I'll just eat before I go...and I'll probably bring along a veggie tray.


Happywife84 said...

YAY that you could vent! Taking a veggie tray is an excellent idea! Whenever something like this happened to us when the kids were little, I just pushed more water down them for 24 hours & they came out of it seemingly ok...immune system didnt dip, etc, etc. ( they werent happy about the water, but oh well! lol)

michelle said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...on my blog about healthy eating, no less. I came back here to try and find a post I could say "Hi" on, that wasn't your bloggy giveaway one, and found this one.

I'm with you. I don't care for hamburger either (or any other processed meats, for that hotdogs, baloney, salami, spam etc.) I will eat a small amount of hamburger if it is in lasagne, but even that is pushing it. Chili dogs would be way over the line for me. I can't stand chili at all!

I was thinking about this "problem" of yours and wondered if you could take along anything additional to contribute to the meal, say a tossed salad, a fruit salad, some grated cheese for the chili dogs (which you could then put on whole grain buns or something), or even a casserole of mac and cheese...anything that would complement the meal your mil is serving. You can still take the hot dogs or whatever she wants, but when you show up, just say, "Hey, I thought a nice salad would go great with the chilidogs you had planned!" or whatever you want to say. That way, you will still get something to eat, your mil has her family dinner as planned, and nobody has hurt feelings...hopefully! I know these situations can be so touchy.

I realize that I don't really "know" you or know your situation food-wise, etc. This whole comment started out as just a way to say, "Hi!" and morphed into something completely different. So anyway..."Hi!" again and thanks for dropping by.


Michelle said...

HI there Melissa.thanks for the blog visit.and I agree it's not my type of meal blah!!!! My mil is like that explains alot I don't like heavy meals anymore. I agree with the other michelle can you bring a salad or something that you &whomever chooses to eat. Good luck ...

FlipFlop Mom said...

NO WAY!! Chili is YUCKY!!! LOL LOL.. poor girl!!!