Saturday, May 10, 2008

One of those Moments...

Hubby and I went to Starbucks today. Kids were at 4-H, we had just come from the hardware store where we compared the pros and cons of each type of outdoor clothesline--which, by the way, we did not buy yet because there are so many things to consider.

Anyway, went to Starbucks for a treat, because I had some gift cards I could use. We got in there, and I handed the cashier my two gift cards so he could check the balances. He said, "our machine is broken and it isn't reading the cards today. You can use them, but it won't take any money off of your balance, so it doesn't matter how much money is on the card. If any."

This SHOULD have been my clue to think, "ah-ha! Free coffee!"

But no, I ordered a grande iced tea.

The clerk says, "Grande? Are you suuuuure you don't want Venti?" Making every gesture in that direction other than winking and pointing to the card, but I don't think I would have caught on then either.

So hubby orders a grande frappuccino. Again, he says, "Only grande? Are you SURE?"

We are just puzzled still. We both say yes.

He places our orders, then rings us up, slides my gift card through the machine, and says thanks for coming, we got our $6 order for free.

Ok, are we just DENSE or what? We took our drinks outside, and we both commented on our extreme idiocy at not getting what the guy was trying to say, which was:

Order the biggest, most expensive thing, because it's FREE!!!!

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Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon said...

An outdoor clothesline is a great idea. What would you do in the rain, use the dryer in the rain and clothesline in the sun? You are so inspiring!