Friday, December 26, 2008

7 Day Love Challenge

Do you believe that marriage works? Beyond anything else in your life, are you fighting for the health of your marriage?

Familes Northwest is starting a 7 Day Love Challenge during the week of February 7-14, 2009, where couples will choose to commit to show their love for each other in ordinary and extraordinary ways.

Each day will have a love challenge given to couples in hopes that they will take it on and see a new spark start within their relationship, or fan the flame already burning.

I will be posting more about this and posting more marriage tools as the days go on. With all of the resolutions you can make for 2009, how about making it a goal to nurture your marriage and make it the best relationship in your life this coming year.

You can sign up to receive the challenges by using the box in my sidebar, or by going to 7 Day Love Challenge And just by entering to receive them, you will be entered to win a couples' getaway to the Skamania Lodge here in Washington state.

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