Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Giveaway Just in Time for Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas, Build-a-Bear Worshop has a cute pair of Moose named Holly and Hal, ready for decoration or play (or both!)

Holly and Hal are brother and sister and Hal has light up antlers that will make your holiday season even brighter. He is adorable, very soft, and a very fun addition to your celebrations. Just squeeze his hand and his lights gently flash on and off until his hand is squeezed again.

When you go to Build-a-Bear Workshop, you can purchase Holly and Hal for only $12 each, and when you buy both, they come with a FREE book, "Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure." This is a book the entire family will enjoy, the pictures are beautiful and the story is sweet.

There are multiple other Christmas Animals available at Build-a-Bear Workshop, from the Chilly Cheeks Penguin to holiday Bears and Bunnies. You can even buy Christmas outfits to put on the animals you already own.

And don't forget, Build-a-Bear Workshop is an extremely fun and entertaining place where you can make your own, one-of-a kind stuffed animal and choose clothes and accessories just for that animal. My kids each have stuffed animals they have made there, and they remain among their most prized possessions even years later. If you haven't been lately, there's no time like the present to make a trip, Christmas vacation is a perfect time for a family activity like Build-a-Bear Workshop. And if you've never been--get in your car and head there right now! Your kids will give you an extra big hug for doing it!

Now for the Giveaway:

The folks at Build-a-Bear Workshop have generously donated a $10 gift card good at any location toward the purchase of Holly and Hal Moose or any other animal or accessory you choose. Won't this just make a child in your life's day this Christmas season?

Here's how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post, be SURE to leave your e-mail address if it is not clearly visible on your blog, or you will be disqualified.

2. Tell me one thing you would love to give to your spouse or kids (or both) this Christmas--is there something you'd give them if you had the money, or have you already purchased the exact thing you want to give? Tell me!

3. The deadline for this contest is Sunday, December 21. I'll draw a number using and mail the card out first thing Monday morning.

Good luck!


Donna said...

Wow, I'm the first one!! As for the question I would love to give my family a trip to Disney Land. The kids have asked to go but the money is not really there for that kind of a trip. Wouldn't it be fun to spend the holidays there!!!


Happywife84 said...

WOW! How cool!
Well for th e little ones I wish we could get them a Wii..but we cant...I can tremeber what I wanted to get the older kids. For hubby, I wish we could get him a new truck! lol But I did get sales & got him things on his wish list, so that's good.

Cherie J said...

For my hubby I would love to be able to get him a digital camera since his got cracked and he can't use it anymore. For my kids, I would love to get them some playground equipment. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make that happen this year. I slipped on one of my 2 year old daughter's toys about a month ago and tore my Meniscus, ACL, MCL and faractured my Tibia. I am hoping the Physical Therapy I am going through right now will enable me to walk soon and once that fracture heals the Orthopedic Surgeon will discuss surgery on my knee. Just taking one day at a time with the Lord's help. Sorry to be so verbose but sometimes I get a little discouraged when I think of all I can't do for my family.

Thanks for the contest! It would be cool to win this for my little girl. She has never had anything from Build A Bear and loves her stuffed animals. She calls them her "babies".


Anonymous said...

I wish I could get my husband a new car, but there's no way. My daughter loves Build-a-Bear and 9/10ths of her wish list is stuffed animals.
djecse at yahoo dot com

Anna W said...

I'd give my family gift cards to get whatever they wanted and I'd pay my parents' mortgage off. That would be the best Christmas present I could give them. I sure wish I could.

writer_weaver at yahoo dot com

stampedwithgrace said...

I'd love to get my kids a Wii, so I could get a Wii fit :) If I had lots of money I'd buy my dh a newer truck and myself a newer vehicle too!!

EllyBean said...

I'd love to get my husband a new tv set. He's had his for years and it's starting to fade out! I would get my daughter a jump a roo because she's in that fun bouncy stage!

Martha A. said...

Well, I would love to get some things for them at the toy store, like Playmobile sets, a train table and stuff like that!
For my husband, he wants new glasses....= /

ihchicky said...

This would be perfect. I'd love to win it and use it to create a bear for my nephew. Thanks for the chance!

ihchicky AT gmail DOT com

ihchicky said...

I'd love to get my boyfriend and I a trip to Walt Disney World this February so we could go with the rest of his family.

Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon said...

What would I love to get them...for Nathan, that is the hardest question because he doesnt want anything! I guess maybe a hybrid car to commute...for the kids, I have always wanted to get them a power wheels, but never had. Our street is not ideal for it.


Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon said...
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