Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Strange Christmas

Snow fell here in Washington this December. Lots of it.

We had over a foot, and it lasted for a very long time. We had a big storm again yesterday (Christmas) morning, which put our plans in doubt, but my parents braved the weather and made it up here anyway. It has melted quite a bit--finally--today, but there is still a great deal out there because it's not really warming up.

So...what did this mean for our Christmas plans?

The snow started to fall in earnest on Tuesday night the 16th. School and my Bible study Christmas brunch were cancelled on Wednesday. School was cancelled Thursday and Friday as well. So, no pre-break Christmas parties at school. Teachers didn't get their Christmas gifts. Mom didn't have much "child free" time to prepare for Christmas. All felt very strange.

Church was canceled on Sunday. LeeRoy got off work early every day except the 23rd. The kids' Christmas cantata at church was cancelled on Saturday and Sunday nights. They did have dress rehearsal on Thursday and a performance Friday, but that was it.

Gymnastics was cancelled all last week, along with the Christmas party on Thursday in which we had prepared a hand made gift for a fellow teammate. That will likely take place after the first of the year, because we have this next week off anyway.

Christmas Eve church service was canceled. We were really wondering whether or not Kimber's plane would actually arrive on Tuesday, because flights in and out of Portland had been mostly canceled on Sunday and Monday. Fortunately, she did land with no issues.

All in all, it has just been odd for the past week and a half. Almost everything we had planned and prepared for was either on hold or canceled. We all have a fairly serious case of cabin fever. Although we did get out to do some shopping and ran a few errands, it has just been strange.

The low key, less activity holiday has not been all bad. We have spent quite a bit of time together, gone on lots of walks in the snow and it's been fun, but overall, I am a little sad at missing out on some of the things we had really been looking forward to.

Yes, we'll give the teachers their gifts in January. The cantata will be held at a later date. The gymnastics party will still happen. But it will feel odd all over again to be doing Christmas activities so far after the fact.

Christmas 2008 is definitely one full of interesting memories.


debnance said...

It sounds like our very strange hurricane. We had no power or phone service and many people had no water. There was no gas at the stations, so you didn't dare drive very far. The grocery stores were closed so we had to eat whatever we could find on our shelves. And it had to be cold.

It was a strange time for us.

Hope things get rapidly back to normal for you.

FlipFlop Mom said...

I'm sorry it was a different Christmas... :(.. I hope your new year was better... I would have been really sad if all that was canceled!!

Jan in Edmonds said...

Melissa -- I have an award for you. Can you come over to my blog & check it out?

Jan (in Edmonds, WA)

Pamela J said...

I absolutely LOVE snow pictures! We have had quite a bit of snow this winter but it is almost gone, but for the piles on the north sides of the buildings.
Pam Williams