Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday News

I had a bunch of reviews posted over the weekend:

Penguin Sudoku 2006

I'm No Saint

A Virgin's Guide to Everything

Hot Flashes and Cold Cream

Leave it to Claire

The Red Hat Society's Acting Their Age

Living Under God

I Grew Up on a Farm

Finished my Romantic Times books in time and got my reviews turned in--all without having to stay up half the night. It was nice. Got to watch Desperate Housewives, which was fairly good. Some funny moments. I recorded Gray's Anatomy since it was a recap show. I am SO excited that Lost is new this week--finally!

I'm currently reading Miss New York Has Everything by Lori Jakiela. It's a memoir and moving at a good pace so far. I'm still listening to the Jane Austen Book Club, but I am having so very little time in the car, I don't know how quickly I'll finish up.

Gotta go to Winco before picking up Logan. I'm making a recipe from my new Rachael Ray book!

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Tanya said...

I just read your review for LEAVE IT TO CLAIRE and put it on my wish list - good review. Sounds like a book I'll enjoy. Take care, Tanya