Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We have a new bunny here in our house. It's Grace's technically, but it's turning into a family bunny. She lives in the house in her hutch, and we are probably going to litter box train her. She's currently 8 weeks old:

She's a Holland Lop and Grace is now ready to join 4-H and enter her in the fair.

She's got a great personality and is getting along really well with the other animals.


Shannon said...

oh I love it, she looks so soft and sweet-- your daughter is beautiful melissa!

drive safe on your journey!

Manic Mom said...

We are in initial phases of discussing the remote possibility of getting a pet turtle after summer. I hope they forget we talked about it. If I am with pets any way how I am with plants and cooking, the poor sucker'll be doomed!