Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not a good reading week

I haven't had a very good reading week. Not sure why, I need to stop myself from having such high expectations of what I'm about to read.

First book I read--

Give it Up by Mary Caromagno. The premise sounds so interesting. She chooses one thing to give up for each month of the year (alcohol, cell phones, tv, eating out, etc) and then writes a chapter about it. Unfortunately for her...she learned absolutely nothing from her experiences. She just went back to the same old, same old after the month was up. And I wasted reading time for this?

The Elevator by Angela Hunt. Decent book. Dont' get me wrong, I actually rated it a B. The message was good, and it did give me a lot to think about. But after her last couple of books (Uncharted, The Novelist, Unspoken) I was expecting so much more from this one.

True Light by Terri Blackstock. The first two books of this series were fascinating and I was gripped while reading them. They made me ponder what I would do if there was no more electricity or mechanical items. Could my family survive? But this one was basically a straight forward mystery with only passing notion to the fact that the world is without power. It wasn't a focal point of the story, which was disappointing.

The Cure by Athol Dickson--Just a confusing story about an alcoholic ex-pastor/missionary who ends up with a cure for alcoholism and the havoc it wreaks on his life. The plot was not told in a very straightforward way, which confused me.

I'm hoping for some better books in the coming days.

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Happywife84 said...

Thanks! I loved reading your reviews! Hope better reading days ahead for you!