Monday, December 31, 2007

Unintentional Goal Met for 2007

I didn't start off the year of 2007 making any resolutions. I never keep them, so what is the point? I tend to make goals, so I guess I'm actually making resolutions, but with a different name.

I will post some of my goals for 2008 sometime this week. But I made some very positive changes this year, and they weren't even really a goal when the year started.

I have had a feeling for many years that I wanted to be eating differently, and I wanted my family to be eating differently. I played around with whole foods, but that just didn't seem to be quite it. It was a beginning, but didn't really get to the heart of what I was after.

For the last couple of years, we have purchased our honey from a guy that sells at our farmer's market. We were out of honey in the middle of May, so we went to the farmer's market to get some. While we were there, I stopped by a booth and got some information on a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). When I got home I went online and did some research, and everything started to click. In addition to eating more whole foods, I wanted us to eat more locally grown foods, and foods in their proper season. I wanted to preserve foods during their freshest season in order to eat more of a variety year-round.

So we joined the CSA and the rest has been wonderful. We are eating many more vegetables, some I had never cooked or eaten before this. I am consciously reading labels and getting away from foods with additives, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup. I recently read IN DEFENSE OF FOOD by Michael Pollan, and am even looking at labels for added soy products now as well.

We used to drink a ton of diet coke, and now we drink none. We drink lovely water, tea, coffee, and organic milk.

It has been an extremely positive step for us, one that I hope to keep with and improve during the coming year.


VanderbiltWife said...

Interesting post. We have done a CSA the past two summers and I've found it difficult. My DH doesn't eat a lot of veggies and with just two of us I feel like even a half share spoils.

Do you sweeten your tea? How do you feel about artificial sweeteners?


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again Melissa - I'm enjoying your blog!

We've thought about growing for a CSA, but have not gotten that far yet. We are definitely on the same track for our family - buy fresh, buy local, as much as possible. :-)

Patti said...

It is wonderful to read how everything came into place for better quality of food and healthier eating for your family. You have inspired me to do some research for my city and see what is offered.

Love the music here.