Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's Installment of "Why School Needs to Start Tomorrow"

Kids are playing in pool and trampoline. I have been out there reading for an hour, supervising and not really doing much of anything.

Football practice starts in an hour, so I come inside to make dinner (this is getting old by the way).

The minute I get out the knife to start slicing tomatoes, I hear ear-shattering screeching from Grace coming from outside. It doesn't stop. All of the windows are shut because it's 90 outside today, so I can't hear what the commotion is, but I know it's nothing major. Screeching and screaming continues.

I finally go outside to find Grace screaming at Logan at the top of her lungs. I call her over and want to know the cause of this horrible ruckus.

G: Logan keeps triple dog daring me to do a flip into the pool from the trampoline!

Me: So what?

G: He's DARING me to do it and I don't want to do it!

Me: Then don't!

G (Screeching and whining louder to me): Mommy! You don't get it! He's DARING me! I don't want to! (Crying ensues)

This is when I try to explain that a dare is just talking. It's not a home mortgage! It's not a written contract for anything!

I am never going to get dinner cooked at this rate. I told Logan to STOP daring his sister to do things. He just grinned and didn't look ashamed at all. Go figure.



Shannon said...


I hope you were able to get dinner done...

Kelly - PTT said...

There comes a time... ;) Happy school year!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

This sounds scarily like my own children. Except it wasn't a trampoline.

A Flyer's Perspective said...

ROFLOL I had to laugh when reading this because I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!

Our high school starts Monday, but the youngest still has almost two weeks home. I can't wait until they are ALL IN SCHOOL.

Patty said...

11 days and counting here! Us moms need a vacation from summer vacation!!!!