Monday, June 06, 2005

Craaaaazzzzyyy Days!

I feel like I have the phone permanently implanted in my ear. I've been making hundreds of phone calls about stinks that I am going to be gone the whole week before---hey, no it doesn't! LOL, I am not that upset. But I feel like I am doing a whole lot of scrambling at the last minute. I hope this goes off ok. I really need to pray, I'm feeling very scattered.

Went to Chuck E Cheese today for three hours. Took both kids and met Maddie and her mom there. They had so much fun and for much of the time we were the only people there. It was nice to be able to talk to another mom too.

I have two new reviews posted:
Exes and Ohs
Summer in the City

I'm currently reading my Romantic Times books for August. I have one on the computer which really stinks, I hate reading in the midst of everyone running around. My deadline is next Monday. Hopefully I can get them all finished and then another couple of others before we leave for Disneyland.

I'm making parmesan chicken for dinner. Gotta go do the dishes and finish it up before LeeRoy gets home.

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