Thursday, June 02, 2005

Diets, GRRRRR!

I am not liking this 6-day diet at all. Thank goodness it's only for 6 days! Although we're going out for dinner tomorrow night, so that will be a little cheat, but otherwise, we're trying to follow it carefully. It's very difficult and you'd better believe that will go in my review.

Still reading Cover the Butter. It's a little slow going, but interesting. Not sure why it's going so slowly. I'm listening to True Believerby Nicholas Sparks. I have three audio books out from the library, so I'm listening to it now while I'm reading e-mail and working on the computer. it's ok, but not as good as some of his other books. I'll admit, I was spoiled by The Wedding and Three Weeks With My Brother.

I am so behind on my reading. I need to get off the computer and get reading!

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