Friday, July 18, 2008

Had to Write a New Post

I was tired of that huge Ruins picture at the top of the page...especially since I didn't like the movie at all! LOL.

We're headed off on another week's vacation. Coming so soon after the previous one, I am not looking terribly forward to it, but I do need some time to sit and think and pray. (And read!)

Lots of interesting things coming on the horizon...some good, some not so good.

Jenny and family are moving this weekend--that's not so good. We're all pretty down about it.

The good--we're praying about an opportunity that just presented itself. It will mean HUGE changes for our family, but not necessarily bad ones. It's not immediate, so it's definitely a cause for prayer and contemplation.

I need to get packing. We have a college student housesitting for us, so I need to get the house in a little better shape than it is right now because otherwise I think I'll be embarrassed.

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