Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Feel Like The Worst Mom in the Entire World

I am just sick to my stomach, I feel like I am the worst mother ever.

My son is at camp this week for the first time. He's gone for five days, longer than he's ever been away from us. He's only nine, and this is a huge step.


I suck at remembering important things. I absolutely cannot believe I forgot. I remembered so many times over the weekend and then completely spaced it once the week started and I could actually mail the letter.

I want to cry. My poor baby is there with all of these kids getting letters from home and he didn't get one.


Pamela J said...
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Pamela J said...

WOW! Did THAT bring back memories or WHAT??? I know exactly how you feel, or at least how I felt when I did that very same thing. I still feel horrible when I think of it. My baby is grown now. He calls at least a couple times a week, usually. He grew to a strapping six foot five inches. Now that you have jogged my memory (I never have been good at writing my sons letters, even while they were in the service and in foreign countries: that is a gift God didn't give me. I wish I had more of that but can't seem to get it done. Now, email is way easier and I do that with and for them better.
Pam W

Happywife84 said...

I didnt write my boys either..and they were thankful! lol Turned out @ their camp when you got letters they threw you in the lake! And the oldest especially wouldnt like that! lol

Several timesI had a letter waiting for them when they came home catching them up on little things that they might want to know about while they were gone.

Cant wait to hear how camp was for him!