Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Info about "The Decision"

First off, I want to give heartfelt thanks and deep blessings to all of you who responded to me both privately and publicly. Your insights and prayers mean more to me than you will ever know!

I realized that I kind of jumped into the middle of the story without giving you the fascinating background on how this entire thing came to be--and that is one of the reasons we are having so much of a struggle with it.

My husband is vaguely dissatisfied with his current job. It's decent, but really has no room for advancement, he's as high up as he can get. And the benefits are pretty sucky, as I mentioned in my last post. A friend of his approached him at his Lion's meeting and mentioned that someone was retiring with the diking district and maybe LeeRoy would be a good match for that job, he encouraged him to drop off his resume and see what happened.

We looked on every computer we have for his resume, as well as through all of our files--no luck. The resume was not to be found. So we spent many hours making up a new one. Once that was done, he was thinking, "why waste all of this effort? I wonder if there is somewhere I can submit this online?"

So, he found another title company and submitted his resume online just on a whim because he didn't want to have the resume and not do anything with it. He never expected to hear anything.

Fast forward TWO MONTHS. The vice president of the company calls him and they chat for a while about job possibilities with the new company. Nothing firm, just a friendly chat. LeeRoy tells the guy that he's not seriously job seeking, he was just putting feelers out, etc.

Fast forward ANOTHER THREE months. After not hearing anything else, it just never occurred to him that the first phone call was anything other than a diligent employee following up on resumes. Then the guy calls again, saying that he and the president of the company would be in Portland, could he come for an interview. So he set up the interview. Went to it--it was a good one, but this was now almost the end of June, and they kind of offered him a job in the Columbia River Gorge, starting July 1. He kind of stammered around and said that we probably wouldn't want to move there, it was too soon, etc.

So we figured that the interview was for that specific job and never expected to hear from them again. But, we did. They called a month later and offered him this job in Bend.

So--we both feel like God has been directing this entire thing from the beginning. There's just no other explanation that we can come up with. We have done NOTHING to make this happen other than respond to the different requests. We have both been praying like crazy, seeking God's Will and wisdom for this decision.

It's difficult to know what God wants, even with everything just basically falling into our laps. I know from past experience in life that God's choices for my future are much better than anything I can come up with. But how do we know this is what He wants?

The more I think about it the more confusing it gets. I suppose that's why I brought up money in the previous post. Because if God wants us there, He's most definitely going to provide for us and not have us move into a house that's similar to what we have here. That's the only thing I have to go on...

You see why I need help?

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photoquest said...

I wanted to tell you we moved twice in a year and I gave up my photography studio to further my husbands career. We moved to Wilminton, N.C. a place called Hampstead, lovely place we lived 5 min. from the Marina just bought a boat kids were in the 3rd highest ranked school and everything. My mom got a anurism near her brain and my husband's old job kept calling him to come back trying to work something better for him, plus 10 more years and he could retire. My husband called me 3 days in a row he had pulled over on the side of the road and said which way to do i need to turn and i ask him i didn't have the right answer for him that i thought God had paved this way for us but after the 3rd day of him sitting on the side of the road not knowing which road to drive down the one that lead to his old job and less money and back to my mom or the better job and less worry about money he went to his old job. I said if it was meant for us to have this it will come again. I think this time of our life was wrong timing. I think God gave us a taste of it to make us search our selves that what was more important and that there's another time for this for us. We both had always dreamed of living near the ocean and we had it right there but knowing our timing isn't always God's timing we know the door will open again when it's in his time. Just wanted to share that with you.