Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, Monday...

What a busy weekend! We took yesterday just to relax and regroup.

Friday I worked in Grace's classroom and it was pet day. So I had the dog with me. First thing in the morning Logan showed him for his sharing, and then Grace showed him at 11. After we quickly took the dog home, went by the bank, then to Taco Bell, then to church for the mom's group. Picked up Logan from school and hurried home. I made the rest of my Tastefully Simple items and did another clean-up of the house. Had my party, which was fun but really busy. Watched The Longest Yard after, it was pretty funny.

Saturday we went to a Safeway grand opening ($1.38 Diet Coke 12 packs!) then to the fire station open house, then out to lunch with my parents and aunt for Logan's birthday. My mom, aunt, and I went to pick up Logan's Star Wars birthday cake, then we came home to open presents. Before we knew it, it was time for Logan's birthday party at the Hoppin' House. That was really fun, when we got home we watched Speak, which was really moving.

Sunday was a day of vegging after church. I read my book, LeeRoy napped, and Logan had Jacob over. Grace went to Katie's. It was just a long, lazy day.

Not really sure I'm enjoying Desperate Housewives this season. Nothing is really happening. On the other hand, I am loving Grey's Anatomy even more. The story lines are great and I was just bawling when Burke held Cristina while she cried.

Currently reading Everyone Else's Girl by Megan Crane. The cool thing...when I opened up the book there were a couple of pages with quotes from reviews about her last book and my review was quoted! Not using my name, but using Bookloons. Here's a link to that review if you're interested:
English as a Second Language

I have a new review posted:
Hannah's Hope

I hope I'll have a little time to write up some reviews today. I am going to force myself, I'm three books behind.

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